How to Create an Effective Blog Management Strategy with @Lisapatb #vcbuzz

How to Create an Effective Blog Management Strategy with @Lisapatb #vcbuzz

Creating a strategy is key to blogging success because consistency is all that matters for blogging to work.

How to create and implement a blogging strategy?

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About @Lisapatb

@Lisapatb is a social media time saver, consultant, blogger.

Lisa is the owner @InspireToThrive

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

It’s a long story, may take a thread. I started as a teenage delivery a weekly newspaper, I then became a typist, typing classified ads. Before I knew it I was taught how to become a graphic artist. Years later I went to college for an Arts degree.

I found I could easily sell what I had been creating. I went through all kinds of sales and marketing courses at my past job and on to college for marketing. I remained in that industry for over 30 years and started a medical scrub website part-time.

That’s when I started on Twitter and learned that the biggest sale came from a tweet to a doctor about medical scrubs for the NCAA teams. I then began blogging about Twitter and started Inspire To Thrive. I thought it would be easier to blog.

Q2 What should a blogging strategy include?

  • Research keywords/topics/competition for every post
  • Write the best piece for every blog post
  • Update old blog posts often and change the date as well in WordPress, schedule them vs. update
  • Add a call to action in almost every post

Have a calendar for your blogging strategy, topics to write about, dates to share, dates to guest post, etc. All should be planned out.

Don’t forget to plan promotions, when your blog is no longer new you need to spend more time promoting it than writing it. Hard to believe, right?

There is more SEO value when you do that. And it puts the post on the front page of your blog. For example this post was originally written in 2013 but with many updates.

Right, I don’t unpublilsh either, because the of broken links it would cause. I just schedule once I do the updates in WordPress, after doing most of it in word doc prior to safe time.

Q3 How to go from planning into action? How to start implementing your strategy one step at a time?

To go from planning to action, I have a checklist on paper and pencil! I love being able to check things off. I also use Google calendars for important things as well so I don’t miss anything.

Q4 Should monetization be part of a blogging strategy? What are some monetization methods that worked for you?

Yes, but not in the beginning. You need some blog traffic first. I found the best was social media management, consultations, courses, ebooks, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. So do what you do best for clients first, then teach.

Of course, having your own product is fabulous too. I’d love to have an app developed someday for Inspire To Thrive.

Everything things affiliate marketing is easy but it takes time, traffic, and dedication. People have to trust you first.

Q5 What are your favorite digital marketing tools?

There are quite a few of my favorite tools. Text optimizer to be sure my content is rich, Ubersuggest for some SEO, Jasper AI for writing, Grammarly, Viral Content Bee for sharing, Agorapulse, and MissingLttr for social media management and of course Google search console and analytics and Google trends.

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