October, 2018 | ViralContentBee

How to Optimize Images for Mobile Search with Matthew Young @MatthewAYoung #VCBuzz

After Google’s announcement of Mobile First Index, mobile optimization has been one of the discussed topics in digital marketing industry. Today we are discussing one aspect of it: Image optimization for mobile devices ***Add #VCBuzz chats to your calendar here.aaa

How to Host a Twitter Chat and Make it a Success with Angelica Cordero @matageli #VCBuzz

How to Promote a Tweet Chat with Angelica Cordero @matageli #VCBuzz

Hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to connect to niche peers and influencers. We know from experience! We love featuring fellow Twitter chat hosts here at #VCBuzz to give you more opportunities to connect. Today we are featuringaaa

Local Content Marketing with Tim Capper @GuideTwit #VCBuzz

Local Content Marketing with Tim Capper @GuideTwit #VCBuzz

Local marketing is a marketing brunch that has recently seen the most dramatic evolution. Thanks to local marketing, local businesses are given competitive advantage over corporate brands. Today we are looking at one of the marketing tools local businesses canaaa

How to Match Your Content Marketing to Search Intent with JP Sherman @jpsherman #VCBuzz

How to Match Your Content Marketing to Search Intent with JP Sherman @jpsherman #VCBuzz

There are certain aspects of digital marketing we’ve been talking about for ages, yet they have become a “trend” only recently. One of such concepts is “search intent” We’ve known for ages that search intent is important because we wantaaa

Captioning Videos: The Step Most Video Creators Overlook with Meryl K. Evans @merylkevans #vcbuzz

Video marketing has been growing fast for the past few years now. Most brands, big and small, invest into video creation to build dome presence on Youtube and Facebook. Video creation is hard enough: You need to come up withaaa

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