Best Traffic Generation Tips from Content Marketing Experts + How #VCBuzz Can Help!

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Each week we meet with content marketing experts at VCBuzz Twitter chat to pick their brains and learn their most effective traffic generation techniques

Let’s highlight some of them and see how Viral Content Buzz can help you on each level!

Traffic Generation Tip #1: Pinterest

Traffic Generation Tip #1 comes from Kaila Strong, a very experienced content marketer

Her tip: Use Pinterest for traffic! You may find success on Pinterest by simply encouraging pinning your images. You’d be surprised how many individuals use Pinterest to “bookmark” interesting things to go back and purchase, for example. Use as many original and eye-catching visuals as you can!

Pinterest traffic

ViralContentBuzz Tip:

Whenever your article has a cool image in it, make sure to enable Pinterest when adding a project to ViralContentBuzz. Then simply give the image URL.

TipMind that this should be the image *file* URL (that ends with .jpg, .png or .gif). Plus the image should be hosted on the same domain as your article.

Traffic Generation Tip #2: StumbleUpon

Traffic Generation Tip #2 comes from Kristi Hines, a successful freelance writer and blogger

Her tip: Make your content StumbleUpon-friendly! StumbleUpon has been her top network driving traffic so far!


ViralContentBuzz Tip:

StumbleUpon users love visuals and popular lists. Whenever you have an article like this, make sure you enable StumbleUpon when adding your project…

TipDon’t forget to choose the most relevant category because StumbleUpon users hate irrelevant submissions!

VCB traffic

Traffic Generation Tip #3: Focus on Connections

Traffic Generation Tip #3 comes from Ivana Zuber, a blogging superstar!

Ivana’s tip: Focus on growing your network and social media presence! Don’t stress over rankings or backlinks! Make your blog marketing fun!

ViralContentBuzz Connections

ViralContentBuzz Tip:

We encourage our users to connect to each other and interact with each other for longer-term benefits through “Interactions” section.

Thank for the shares you generate from ViralContentBuzz.. Follow your fellow promoters!

TipYou are always welcome to join our #VCBuzz Twitter chat each Tuesday 12 EST to get to know our platform more and connect to each other. Get involved and grow your network!

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