2019 November

Using Social Media Videos at Each Stage of the Marketing Funnel with Christine Gritmon @cgritmon #VCBuzz

Video Marketing Ideas When You Are Not Comfortable with Video: Christine Gritmon @cgritmon #VCBuzz

Video marketing has been on the rise for many years now, yet many marketers do not realize the real power of video content. In most cases, brands shy away from creating video content, and lots of influencers don’t feel comfortableaaa

Creating and Maintaining an Active Facebook Group with @ShellyFagin #VCBuzz

Facebook has been limiting brands’ organic visibility for a few years now. Brands’ updates don’t reach the page audience unless you invest in ads, even after the brand had invested in getting those followers before that. One feature where brandsaaa

Creating a Comprehensive Content Strategy with Kameron Jenkins @Kammie_Jenkins #VCBuzz

Creating a Comprehensive Content Strategy with Kameron Jenkins @Kammie_Jenkins #VCBuzz

Google has said this for years: You need to create high-quality content in order to rank high in search results. But what does it actually mean? What constitutes high-quality content? Behind great content there’s usually a solid content strategy. Soaaa