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Get Your Content Re-Tweeted, Pinned and Shared on Auto-Pilot: ViralContentBuzz RSS Feature offers you the most convenient and unintrusive way to bring your content in front of the influencers and generate shares Introducing: RSS feature within ViralContentBee “Busy bee” premium package: Give us your blog RSS, sit back Watch all youraaa

VCB in 2014: Speeding Along with a New Server, Tons of New Free Features and Even More Goodies for Pro Accounts

First things first: Many of you probably noticed that as Viral Content Buzz has grown over the past year, we have had some issues with the site getting slow, throwing random errors and exhibiting other annoying glitches. As a result,aaa

Going Viral Has Never Been Easier, Now, With VCB Share Bookmarklet!

Viral Content Buzz is growing and on our priority TO-DO list is StumbleUpon support and a faster dashboard (we’ve been adding features that improve its usability but slows it down). Today’s update is a tiny one, but, boy, it’s aaaa

Viral Content Buzz Has Added Pinterest!

We are happy to announce another network added to our free and awesome platform. *Now you can use the tool to get your pictures pinned!* It requres a few more clicks than sharing on Twitter and Facebook – but weaaa