Going Viral Has Never Been Easier, Now, With VCB Share Bookmarklet!

Viral Content Buzz is growing and on our priority TO-DO list is StumbleUpon support and a faster dashboard (we’ve been adding features that improve its usability but slows it down).

Today’s update is a tiny one, but, boy, it’s a killer one!

Now you can upload projects to Viral Content Buzz with one click of a mouse!

Just go to “Add project” and install our very easy bookmarklet:

Now, whenever you are viewing a page you feel like sharing with our community, simply click that bookmarklet and it will grab the current page URL, title and meta description and pre-fill all the fields for you:

Install the bookmarklet from “Add project” page
(You may need to allow pop-ups from VCB to make it work)

Bookmarklet in action

All you need to do now is to set the budget, select the networks you want it to be shared on (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for now) and agree to our quality guidelines!

Install the bookmarklet from “Add project” page

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