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Viral Content Bee is the social media platform helping users to promote their content to their target audience. is a marketing tool offering a wide array of features that will boost any social media campaign.

VCB is free to join and use and it only promotes high-quality content and authentic sharing that builds brand awareness and credibility.

With VCB you can achieve your business goals faster by leveraging effective social media engagement, scalable promotion on major social media networks, improved website traffic from authentic social media shares, and a more effective social media strategy that relies on community management, quality content and interacting with social media influencers.

Additionally, Viral Content Bee offers a powerful educational program allowing anyone to learn how to use social media effectively, how to align content strategy to your marketing goals, how to perform a social media audit and monitoring, and how to build an efficient inbound marketing strategy. With ViralContentBee's marketing tips and courses, you will become a better social media manager and learn how to prospect, promote and generate leads from social media. Promoting on social media has never been easier!

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Viral Content Bee can help you with all the steps above making your social media management much more targeted, strategic and consistent. Currently VCB supports the following social media sites: Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Mix. The platform helps you build branding and content marketing strategy by connecting you to savvy social media users that will publish your content to their social media streams.

VCB allows you to faster connect to social media users and to manage your digital marketing from one easy dashboard: Curate, tweet, analyze, and benefit from our vibrant community by building yours. Easier reach your target market and potentially your customer base by adopting winning social media strategies. VCB lets you attract engaged social media users to your content and help it go viral.

Improve your social media marketing strategy by promoting your content through the right social media channels, for free. VCB is not an automation tool. We encourage authentic sharing based on mutual benefits.