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Viral Content Bee FAQWe are committed to making this website easy to use. But there still can be various questions. Please contact us with feedback or if you need help with anything.


First Steps (2)

What should I do immediately after I sign up?

  1. Please activate your account by clicking the link which was sent to your email address;
  2. Please enable your social media accounts to be able to share from them (Settings -> Social accounts)
  3. Please choose your favorite categories to customize your dashboard (this way you only see the topics you are interested in!)



What is a project?

A project is your article you would like people to share on Twitter and Facebook. To add a project, please provide:

  • The URL of your page;
  • Its title (will be included in a Tweet when anyone shares it on Twitter)
  • Its description (will be included in a snippet when anyone shares it on Facebook)
  • The category of your project (to target most relevant users and shares)
  • The budget of your project
  • Which social media networks you want users to share it on


Projects and Credits (6)

What is the project budget?

Project budget is the total you are going to spend on each project sharing. You will spend points based on your sharers’ audience size, each social media update can cost you from 1 to 4 credits. So please estimate your project budget accordingly

100-999 = 1
1000-4999 = 2
5000-9999 = 3
10000-49999 = 4
50000+ = 5

250-499 = 2
500-999 = 3
1000-2499 = 4
2500+ = 5


How do credits work?

  • Your follower counts determine how many credits you earn as you share content within the VCB dashboard.
  • As you earn credits by sharing, you build up a “bank”
  • When you submit your own project to VCB, you’ll need to allocate some or all of your credits to this project (you call it “budget” although I think “pool” is more reflective of what it is)
  • VCB members share your content, which earns them content from the pool you’ve allocated to your project. Remember that their follower count allows them to earn higher amounts of credits as they share, but this is okay; you’re willing to give up 5 credits for a tweet from someone with 100,000 followers, while a share from someone with 500 followers only costs you 1 credit.
  • If your content goes so viral that you run out of credits in the pool for that project, the project is paused until you allocate more using credits you’ve earned yourself from sharing other members’ posts.

Here’s how much you spend when people share your content:

Twitter Followers

100-999 = 1 credit
1000-4999 = 2 credits
5000-9999 = 3 credits
10000-49999 = 4 credits
50000+ = 5 credits

Facebook Friends (or Likes for Business Pages)

250-499 = 2 credits
500-999 = 3 credits
1000-2499 = 4 credits
2500+ = 5 credits

StumbleUpon = 4 credits

Pinterest = 4 credits

[Note: You can use the same chart to figure out how much you are going to earn when sharing other users’ projects, based on your following.

Mind that you need at least 100 followers on Twitter and at least 250 friends on Facebook in order to share VCB projects.

Your StumbleUpon and Pinterest accounts should be well-established either, please read more about this here]


What is “My Categories”?

You can select your favorite categories in Settings -> Edit profiles to better target your dashboard. Each time you click “My Dashboard” it defaults to your favorite categories (you can click through to “All Categories” from there)


How do I earn more credits for my own projects?

Once you join, we give you 10 credits for free. To earn more, simply share other people’s projects! You get credits each time you share! You gain points based on your audience size.

100-999 = 1
1000-4999 = 2
5000-9999 = 3
10000-49999 = 4
50000+ = 5

250-499 = 2
500-999 = 3
1000-2499 = 4
2500+ = 5

You can also spread a word about us and earn up to 100 credits here


How do I generate more shares for my projects?

1. When adding a project, select three most relevant categories (not just one)

2. Set the highest project budget that you can afford

Get more shares on Viral Content Buzz

(to earn credits, simply share projects from your dashboard as well as use “Earn more” section of the site)

3. When the shares start slowing down, that may mean your project is moved down from the front page: You can move it back up by adding 30 credits to it.

You can also spread a word about us and earn up to 100 credits here


If I use this platform, will my article go viral?

VCB does NOT guarantee that your projects would go viral. In fact no one can ever guarantee that.

“Virality” happens naturally and may have various factors (none of which still guarantees anything):

  • Content quality and (visual) appeal
  • Content originality
  • Content timeliness
  • Content exposure to social media influencers who can seed some essential visibility

VCB can only help with the latter…

While many of our users see great results, this all comes down to how good their content is and how many people will spread and re-share the message after it’s seeded by VCB members.

Please read more here

Also, please check these quality guidelines we stick to:


Quality Requirements (5)

Can any content be promoted through this platform?

Our platform is called “Viral Content Buzz” which implies that we are looking to help push high-quality content that has a good potential to go viral. Yes, that’s quite a vague definition but we will make sure to add more guidelines with time. So far, all the submissions are manually moderated. We won’t allow self-promotional or affiliate product reviews or made-for-ads ezinearticles-type content. All the rest is subject to our review.


Why am I disabled from sharing on Pinterest and StumbleUpon?

Sometimes we have to disable certain accounts from sharing if we find that:

  • Pinterest and StumbleUpon accounts are too new (there are few followers and no interactions)
  • Pinterest shares go to irrelevant boards
  • Pinterest and StumbleUpon are used exclusively for VCB sharing

We aim at promoting authentic sharing and real value here, so we have to ask you to treat VCB shares seriously!


Quality Requirements to VCB Social Media Accounts

While we do automatically evaluate your social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) based on how many connections you have built there, it’s not all about numbers…

Please be aware of these quality requirements:

  • All social media accounts connected to VCB are required to maintain a natural social media presence: Share content from other places except for VCB, interact with friends, etc. We don’t allow to maintain social media accounts just for the sake of sharing VCB projects
  • All social media accounts connected to VCB are required to have established following that interacts with the shares
  • We may disable your social media accounts from VCB sharing if we notice there are no interactions with VCB projects you share.
  • We may disable your social media account if we notice you share too aggressively.
  • We will disable your account if you are promoting your own site in each social media update. Let’s keep things authentic!

Please read more here

Please be advised that if your shares are determined to be breaking our quality requirements, we may disable them and refund the users the spent credits.

VCB is all about natural sharing and building meaningful connections. Please only share content you really like and want to spread.


I don’t have a good personal Facebook account… Can I only share on Business Pages I manage?

No… Let us explain why…

VCB is more interested about users sharing on their personal accounts in the first place because business page updates are much less visible than personal updates on Facebook, so personal updates would drive more visibility to our users’ content.

We do support pages (to offer our users more variety) but due to Facebook giving page updates a hard time, we encourage more personal sharing.


How To Build Your StumbleUpon Account

stumbleuponViral Content Buzz has StumbleUpon sharing enabled. However we cannot stress enough how serious we are about only allowing real, authentic and natural accounts to share from our platform.

If your SU sharing has ever been disabled for you inside VCB, most probably that’s because your SU account doesn’t comply with our quality guidelines. Don’t give up! You can be accepted back if you start building your account up. Here’s how…

[***Remember, by building up your StumbleUpon account, you invest in your own asset: Your powerful SU account will remain yours, whether you keep using VCB or not. You’ll be able to use for content marketing whenever you need it.]

StumbleUpon is one of the least understood (and most underrated) social platforms on the web. It’s has a very unique format, one that isn’t so much a community like others are, but more a network made up of blogs themselves. Some would call it a content discovery tool, which is fair enough, but it is so much more than that. Including an amazing way to market yourself and your site.

If you needed proof of that, you should know that StumbleUpon drives more traffic than some of the most popular social networks, including Facebook.

But how do you build your StumbleUpon account? I don’t mean how do you sign up, that is self explanatory. You need to know how to properly set up and use your account so that it is prime for growth, and offers you the best benefits. Especially if you are using it for content promotion, as I assume everyone reading this will be.

Be Thorough In Setting Up Your Account

You wouldn’t leave your Timeline cover photo or Twitter profile description blank, would you? How about use a terrible cover image for a Pinterest board you want people to follow? Of course not! So why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make your StumbleUpon profile attractive and informative?

Take the time to complete your profile, and make sure it looks good and informs the viewer about what you do. It will help the right people find you. Besides, it looks cheap and unprofessional if you don’t. That is the wrong message to send.

Don’t Treat StumbleUpon Like A Content Dumping Ground

StumbleUpon is not a dumping ground for every post you have ever written. It is a place where you can gracefully place certain pieces that you feel are your best, and promote them.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for all new posts as they come, but you want to ask yourself if they are really worth seeing? If not, take them off and replace them with something better.

Use StumbleUpon to connect and discover content in the first place. Drive value to build your Karma up:

  • Like pages shared by your connections (Find them on your SU home page after you login)
  • Like pages in categories you like
  • Share pages that you just found awesome
  • Always select relevant categories when reviewing pages on StumbleUpon

Find People to Follow

Follow SU users to get followed back. This is often the first step to building up your social media presence: You need connections

I usually follow people who like or review content I liked or reviewed. I also follow people who follow my friends who we seem to share interests with

Build connections VCB

Do you have any tips for using StumbleUpon? Let us know in the comments!


TOS (1)

What’s your refund policy?

We offer 30-day money-back guarantee. Just contact us within 30 days after you paid and you’ll get a refund!



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