2019 March

Biggest Technology Trends that Effect Content Marketing (And How to Adapt) with @DavidHartshorne #vcbuzz

Biggest Technology Trends that Affect Content Marketing (And How to Adapt) with @DavidHartshorne #vcbuzz

Content marketing is one of the fastest changing marketing area. With so many tech trends and advances, content marketing is evolving and it is exciting to watch that evolution. Whether you are innovating together with the industry determines how successfulaaa

Local Content Optimization with @AnkushMahajann

Local Content Optimization with @AnkushMahajann #vcbuzz

With mobile search on the rise, local marketing is becoming even more important as most on-the-go searches relate to finding something nearby. If you are running (or working for) a local business, how to adapt your content to those localaaa

How to Set Up an Effective Outraeach Campaign with Gareth Simpson @SimpsonGareth

How to Set Up an Effective Outreach Campaign with Gareth Simpson @SimpsonGareth #vcbuzz

“Build it and they will come” tactic doesn’t really work, unless you “built it” on already well-discussed well-known brand. To get people talk about and link to your content, you need a carefully-set up outreach campaign for each of youraaa