Boost Your Traffic with Viral Content Buzz: 3 Traffic Stories from Our Users

We welcome users’ feedback and we feel as happy as them when they are sharing some great results!

Here are three most recent case studies.

1. From 0 to 1000 in 2 Days!

Tim Uittenbroek of tweeted to me:

Tim sent me his analytics screenshot as well: Isn’t that freaking nice?

Viral Content Buzz traffic boost


2. 3,900 Views within a Day!

Our PRO user has approached me with this case study which I published as a separate article: ViralContentBuzz User Review: “Received 3,900 Views in Less than 24 Hours”


In a recent post, “Stress – The Last Article You’ll Need To Read” I entered on VCB received over 3,900 views in less than 24 hours.

Now that’s viral…


Viral Content Buzz traffic boost


3. “VCB is My 4th Biggest Referrer”

David Leonhardt, a well known blogger and our Twitter chat mentor, admits that Viral Content Buzz has has a huge affect on his blog traffic:

Please read more Viral Content Buzz testimonials as well as my own case study here.

Please mind that we don’t guarantee you a traffic boost: That in most parts will depend on you and your content and how it will resonate with our users and their social media followers.

We help you put your content in front of social media sharers and that, as you can see, may work out great!


VC Bee

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