July, 2021 | ViralContentBee

How to Get Your Business Ranked in Google’s Local 3-Pack with Colan Nielsen @ColanNielsen #vcbuzz

Google has been displaying local business results within their main search page for years now, and still there’s no clear way to rank your business there. What works when optimizing your business for Google’s local results and how to listaaa

Making the Most of Google’s “Shrinking Opportunities” with Jeff Ferguson @CountXero #VCBuzz

It is well known that many SEOs and marketers have love-hate relationships with Google. We tend to hate and criticize many of Google’s moves but we still use and optimize for nothing but Google. Is there a way to gapaaa

How to Develop Your Sales Skills with Robert McAnderson @rmcanderson #VCBuzz

No matter how great you are or how awesome your product is, the key is in selling it. Personally, I’ve always struggled with that. I seem to have zero sales skills. I can work hard but I cannot sell well.aaa

How to Write Content that Appeals to Your Target Audience – A Community Chat #VCBuzz

Content creation is tough: You have to come up with interesting topics, do your research and write the way it stands out and engages. Yet, there’s one mistake many writers do: They tend to only take themselves into consideration neglectingaaa