2019 July

Social Listening for Lead Generation with Magda Urbaniak @Meg_Urbaniak #vcbuzz

Brands tend to use social media channels for broadcasting: They post company updates, link to their content and promote their products This means these brands are missing out: Most social media marketing ROI comes from engagement and social listening. Inaaa

Tools to Boost Link Building Strategy with Anthony Randall @tonyxrandall #vcbuzz

Link building remains the most tedious, yet the most important digital marketing tactic. The thing backlinks bring traffic and rankings: You depend on them but how do you scale them? You don’t. What you can do is to make itaaa

SEO Ranking Factors with Paul Baguley @BaguleyPaul #vcbuzz

Google is said to be using around 2000 ranking signals when deciding which pages deserve to appear in top 10 and beyond. Which of those SEO factors matter most? Which one should we be working on? Let’s discuss! ***Add #VCBuzzaaa