The Power of Extreme Self-Care For Your Business with @TawannaBSmith #vcbuzz

The Power of Extreme Self-care For Your Business with @TawannaBSmith #vcbuzz

Life can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are balancing business, career, and family.

When you feel especially overwhelmed, it is important to step back and practice self-care. This is key to achieving success.

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About @TawannaBSmith

We already had the pleasure to hear Tawanna “speak” here at #VCBuzz.

She was teaching us creating a successful social video campaign.

Tawanna Browne Smith @TawannaBSmith is founder of Mom’s Guide To Travel and

Tawanna began working in the digital space in 2008, growing and learning with each iteration of emerging platforms, social networks and apps.

Questions we discussed

Q1 What is self-care and what is extreme self-care? Why is self-care such an important topic these days?

Self-care is the proactive, intentional, conscious engagement in activities that manage mental, physical, emotional and spiritual states of being. To me extreme self-care is the tough part of self-care that costs us something

Self-care is so important these days b/c people are more stressed than ever. Anxiety, depression, suicide, disease, obesity are at all-time highs. The medical profession is inundated. It can’t fix all of that. We have to take proactive measures to help ourselves.

Extreme self-care is consistent planned activities that go beyond the simple stuff like taking a bath, going on a walk, getting an occasional massage, etc. Instead you’re choosing to go deeper and do consistent activities that force you to do work on you!

Tap into what’s stressing you out, your fears, your anxieties. Write it down. Get ample rest. Drink water. Work with someone to help you stay consistent.

Q2 How to practice self-care every day? How to get organized?

Practice self-care everyday by scheduling it. Getting accountability. Start small. Take the time to be still and sit with your thoughts, meditate for a few minutes.

Get organized by scheduling it the same way you would anything else in your life or business. Start with your self-care first in the morning to set up a healthy foundation for the rest of the day.

Yes!! @BRAVOMedia1 it’s so important to start off the day organizing your thoughts FIRST before you let other things in

Q3 What to do if you have absolutely no time for yourself? What are some tricks to still prioritize self-care even when you feel you have to do thousands of things every day (e.g. when traveling)?

That’s a fallacy. You have time for yourself. Wake up earlier. Get it in. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier. You can get 3 self-care activities done in that time: meditation, stretching/exercising, journaling. Bam! You start off your day better equipped.

I totally don’t see traveling as an obstacle to prioritizing self-care but rather an opportunity b/c more of my time is my own. I don’t have my kids or my spouse with me so I have even more time to myself.

I can meditate/journal/read/write on the way to my destination. AND schedule a massage in during that biz trip!

We have to be no BS about it @seosmarty. Seriously! The first boundary we need to set is with ourselves, our minds. Change the mindset. Challenge ourselves and this concept of “not having the time.”

We create our personal worlds. Once we come from that mindset, we realize how much more we are in control and stop playing the victim role.

Yup! I give priority to me first because if this ship sinks, everyone else is going down with it.

Q4 How does self-care practicing help you become successful? How does it help business growth?

Practicing self-care helps to keep you mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. If we aren’t present emotionally & mentally, are we operating at our highest in our business?

If our health isn’t optimal do we have enough energy or strength to push through times of heightened demands?

Business growth depends on fully functioning people. It depends on the ability to think strategically and effectively. A clouded mind or sick body does little to help expand a business.

Q5 Are there any resources you suggest reading to get better at practicing self-care?

First off, reading is a form of self-care so that’s a great place to start! I love Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe has your back. I’m also a big fan of @BrendnBurchard’s High Performance Habits. Psychcentral & PsychologyToday are also great resources.

There are a ton of resources out there. Don’t go for the ton! Just pick a few. Don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Less is more!

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