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How to keep yourself going? How to handle fail and learn from it? How to grow your business no matter what? Let’s talk about keeping yourself motivated!

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About @MariettRamm

@MariettRamm is CEO @BaronessWluxury. Mariett is strategist, mentor, social media marketer, bestselling coauthor, and dog lover. @MariettRamm’s motto: “There is magic in truth and openness”

Discover how Mariett can help you and your business achieve new levels of success in business and life!

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become an CEO and digital marketer? What’s your career story?

In short int was a decision I made consciously. A decision with firm commitment !! #Digitalmarketing is just a bonus!

I truly believe that anyone can achieve anything once a mindset is solid and they invest in a self discovery process

Always had a taste for adventure and wanting to go beyond limits. Digital marketing is perfect medium.

Q2 How to motivate yourself to become a business owner? Can everyone do that?

Motivation comes from within. It comes form the big goal that is ahead of me.

I am not a fan of goal setting as such.. what I truly understand is the intuitive part of wanting to achieve. Achievement is any small step forward, that is how I stay on top every day.

Q3 How to handle business failure? Do you have any experience in that? Can you share your advice?

Business failures ?? lol how long have we got ?????

There is no progress without failure. Failure means you try something you have not done before. Failure for me is learning. And each step, I realize there is something is the process I needed to learn.

This can be skill, about myself, about others. you cannot be perfect at first try of skiing down a mountain, but with the right skills ans attitude gold medal is waiting.

Look at the journey: Edison, Ford, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Einstein, Lincoln, Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Spielberg. That is the attitude I have: fall, learn, get up, move on, do better.

What I say, let it be you who writes the paper!!

Q4 How to build work-life balance? Does it exist?

My work is my passion. For me this balance comes from people who I surround myself with.

Similar minds magnify one another, and i want to be surrounded with these amazing people in my life.

That is passion and commitment, most powerful driving force behind success. YES.

As well as my passion for digital marketing and luxury sector, my life is also my 3 dogs. Once I finish my major plans, they will have to have social media exposure profiles too. ADORE MY DOGS !! My babies. Plus they are ok if I am up doing twitter 2am!!

I am truly blessed and grateful to do what I do and meet so many like minded people. ” I grow by lifting others “.

Q5 What are your favorite business management and marketing tools?

I am a firm believer in strategic planning, customer relationship, and mastermind.

Wasting time and money is perfectly avoidable with strategy , well executed of course with passion and commitment.

I like personal contact, and always available on SM or whatsapp to clients, sponsors, or anyone who just want to say hello.

I love selling. My mentor said nothing happens before someone sells something. True. But there is selling and selling. I believe in talking to PEOPLE on social media, NOT buyers, big difference.

Perfect marketing tools indeed!

And marketing tools !! Tune in / Buzzsumo, how to get the content that will get you out. Very important.

If you are not in bed tweeting at 2am GMT when preparing the content for the next time zone who wakes up..time to up the game!

Check out #Picreel #VWO , get as many vids as possible, know your hashtags #Socedo

I always make sure, when I travel I meet IN PERSON! Met some amazing people. Possibilities are just phenomenal.

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