Authentic Social Media Sharing with Viral Content Buzz (User Testimonial)

Our valued user Wendy Kelly (who just mentioned us in her article) emailed me asking to share her Viral Content Buzz testimonial:

I’mviralcontentbuzz-authentic-sharing1 excited about this project. It seems like a great way to make sharing authentic.

I hope this doesn’t come out “wrong” — When VCB was first recommended to me, I didn’t know who you were, or anything about this project. I was wary that it might be something where the sharing was a bit “inauthentic” — so I started out a little unsure. What I have found, though, is a group of really committed people who sincerely do share “good stuff”

Wendy also adds this on Google Plus post:

The longer I use Viral Content Buzz, the more I see how intelligent it is! Great work on a great product.

It’s very rewarding to realize our users love us so much that they are eager to share their positive experience. You rock, buzzers!

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