How to Create a Successful Social Video Campaign with @TawannaBSmith #vcbuzz

How to Create a Successful Social Video Campaign with Tawanna Browne Smith @TawannaBSmith #vcbuzzVideo marketing has been growing for quite a few years now. Video creation is no longer only big businesses can afford: There are tools and platforms in place allowing anyone to engage in video marketing.

But where to start and how to succeed? Let’s discuss!

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About Tawanna

Tawanna Browne Smith @TawannaBSmith is founder of Mom’s Guide To Travel and MGTT Media training entrepreneurs and small businesses to effectively use live video and digital marketing for customer attraction.

Tawanna began working in the digital space in 2008, growing and learning with each iteration of emerging platforms, social networks and apps.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

When I started in 2008, ironically, I started with videos about traveling with my young kids. Soon after I started writing about travel with an online travel publication called the Nile Guide.

I had also joined a twitter community called Twitter Moms at the time, where we did social media campaigns for brands.

Love that! You kept doing the thing you loved and made it work in the digital space.

Yesss! And obviously, you all here know the value of …especially on

Then I started doing social media marketing before it was called that just to share my content with friends and strangers online. First there was video, then blogging, then Twitter & article writing, newsletters, ebooks, Instagram, Pinterest, webinars, live video…somewhat in that order

Q2 When a business wants to start a video marketing campaign, for the first time, where do they start?

First place to start is with your strategy & going wherever your audience is. Outline what you want to achieve w/ your videos.


If you know your strategy & your goals, that’ll help you determine the types of videos you’re going to create. Then you want to start creating your content plan.

Q3 Why live video? How can a business monetize their live video efforts?

Live video offers the creator more immediate engagement. It also allows your audience to connect with you faster. Monetization can look a number of different ways. Start with the conversion first.

Give your viewers highly valuable content then offer them something. It can be a freebie, a product or a service or event sales. I’ve sold digital products & services.

You can re-package your live videos, sell them as a course, put them behind a paywall like in a private group and charge membership. Lots of ideas.

Q4 What’s your favorite (live) video marketing platform and why?

That’s tough but Periscope is my fave live platform mainly b/c of the engagement & instant gratification.

The notification feature & the singularity of the Periscope app does a better job at getting people’s attention & keeping it than other platforms, in my opinion.

Also, the fact that Periscope is integrated into Twitter, where I have a larger audience, also makes a big difference & is a major reason why it’s on the top of my list. This doesn’t mean you won’t find me on FB Live. It’s a very close second just b/c Facebook offers a lot more flexibility and possibilities.

Yes, this is a good point. Especially if you’re already on FB. If you don’t have a FB page or profile then you can consider the other platforms first.

I have biz pages & groups on FB where I can syndicate my lives, automate repurposing to my blog, create ads, & do some cool messenger marketing things.

Start where your audience hangs out. Where do they hang out mostly?

And where do you have the most engagement?

Then that’s where you want to start. Don’t try to be in all places doing live all at once. Get your feet wet. You should definitely download that free strategy guide I mentioned.

Yes! There is a lot of potential – it’s not tapped into as much as it can be presently because I think many brands don’t know how they want to/can integrate it with what they’re already doing.

Q5 What are your favorite video creation and marketing tools?

To point out a few, Shakr and Ripl are two of my fave tools for social marketing videos. I’m a big fan of templates that have transitions & formatting already designed. It’s like plug & play for videos.

For my live videos, I use Live for pretty much all my FB Lives that I do from my desktop & JustBroadcaster for Periscope. Then to repurpose to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, Soundcloud.

I use quite a few tools & I keep them, my workflows, editorial calendar & episode breakdowns all in one place in my Live Video Planner which I now sell & teach in a workshop. You can learn more here.

Inexpensive, familiarity with the company, sends to YouTube, cool developers & community, lots of screens & other features.

Yes sir! You have the option once you wrap your live session up to send to YouTube directly.

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