Is There a Work-Life Balance? with Katy Blevins @chaosandkiddos #VCBuzz

Is There a Work-Life Balance? with Katy Blevins @chaosandkiddos #VCBuzzWork-life balance is something everyone is struggling with. Does it even exist? Let’s discuss!

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About Katy

Katy is co-founder of @ModFemmeMove and @WomenOnline_com. Katy is motivated by a very personal connection to female entrepreneurs and working moms.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 Let’s talk about Modern Femme Movement. What’s the story and the goal?

@ModFemmeMove began as a convo w/ #womenwhowork. Tired of the pressure to perform. We’re thirsty for #real community!

@ModFemmeMove helps #women discover their own definition of #success so they can thrive at #work and at home.

The women of @ModFemmeMove are #WAHM #SAHM #womenwhowork #femaleentrepreneurs #smallbiz owners. All are welcome! I’m a #WAHM #femaleentrepreneur #singlemom. My #smallbiz partner @somerchambley is a former #USMC helicopter pilot #SAHM.

@ModFemmeMove reminds #women – true #success = #life that thrives at #work AND at #home. We need both. We deserve both.

Q2 What are the biggest struggles female entrepreneurs have to face? Can all of them be solved?

We struggle to communicate our needs, make time for self-care. Must admit that perfection does not exist. We must let go.

Many female entrepreneurs & women who work struggle to feel worthy in business & at home. We are burnt out & overwhelmed.

Do you feel pressured by social media to post a highlight reel, never asking for help or feeling the freedom to be you?

This is my biggest stumbling block. ME! I know I need to rest, recharge…but I skimp. Big time.

Sometimes women who work & female entrepreneurs lean more towards competition over collaboration, stagnating success.

Q3 Does work-life balance even exist?

Perfection is impossible. Progress is always possible. Find success when we aim for balance & accept our vulnerabilities.

If we work together as a community, support our quest for work/life balance we have a much better success rate team work.

Some days I rock out balance and prioritization. Most days, I need to ask for help, acknowledge my mistakes and refocus.

I like that @DonSturgill. No more multi-tasking. It’s impossible! Focus on the task at hand. Be present!

Yup! @marthabrett As a I forget that my oxygen mask has to go on first. But it’s crucial to everyone’s survival.


Step 1 work/life balance is being honest w/ yourself. You can’t be everything to everyone Figure out what needs to change.

Step 2 to work/life balance is communicating your needs and expectations to your family, friends, team and boss.

Recovery as a #workaholic is a work in progress for me. WLB is a daily choice, daily challenge. I’m on my journey!

Yes @alovinspoonful. I am so with you. The office/computer/phone is always just RIGHTTHERE. I hide my phone under the bed!

Work/life balance isn’t about perfect timing & multi-tasking. It’s feeling enriched, fulfilled, happy & at peace in your life.

It took me a long time to admit that the “to do” list would never be a “to done” list @ginaNpicayune. That was a BIG step.

I’ve got 2 cats, a dog, a recently acquired bearded dragon, a handful of fish and twin boys @LaraBrittWrites. Ha!

Q4 We’d love to be inspired! Please give us some examples of women who managed to achieve their career and family goals. Who do you look up to?

We could tweet 4EVA about the amazing women who contributed to the success of @ModFemmeMove with their inspiring stories!

Love how @JaimePrimak switches to #mom mode at 3 so that she can be present with her kids. No more work after that time!

One of our favorite @ModFemmeMove men @danijelvelicki. He has a truly inspirational American dream story. Family first!

My own coach @ritacricks inspires me to embrace a life where I seek community succeed professionally & thrive personally.

My #smallbiz partner @somerchambley has humbly navigated #career and #family, moving from the #USMC to #SAHM with grace.

Wow @ginaNpicayune! That was not an easy decision, I’m sure. Props to her for doing what was best for HER and her family!

Isn’t that awesome @SanaKnightly? I feel the same about @somerchambley. ?

@WeAccelerateHER are doing big things for #women in #smallbiz. We are inspired & excited to work with them @ModFemmeMove.

Q5 What are your favorite productivity tips for working moms?

Team work truly does make the #dream work. Delegate. Learn when & how to say no w/ love & authority. Don’t go it alone!

Surround yourself with friends women community that support encourage & challenge you to do better be better.

Add free time, self-care appointments & family time to your calendar. Treat them like work appointments! No canceling! Be on time!

Forgive yourself for a bad day. Love yourself. Remember you are a work in progress!

Sleep!!! Productivity is tied to your ability to process, focus & execute. The sleep deprived can’t do any of these.

Remember productivity needs prioritization. Know when to say no & avoid multi-tasking. Focus on the task at hand.

Get your learn on! Join us @ModFemmeMove #MFM2017 to explore, discover and activate your success. Meet your tribe!

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