Social Listening for Lead Generation with Magda Urbaniak @Meg_Urbaniak #vcbuzz

Social Listening for Lead Generation with Magda Urbaniak @Meg_Urbaniak #vcbuzz

Brands tend to use social media channels for broadcasting: They post company updates, link to their content and promote their products

This means these brands are missing out: Most social media marketing ROI comes from engagement and social listening.

In fact, social media listening is a very effective lead generation tool. Let’s discuss how to use social listening to capture and qualify leads!

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About @Meg_Urbaniak

Magda Urbaniak @Meg_Urbaniak is Brand Manager @Brand24 and founder of

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I work in PR for 10 years. I realized how PR is close to marketing today, so I’ve started learning a lot, then work in digital marketing. It was 4 years ago. Now I work as a brand manager in @Brand24

Q2 What is social listening and how to create an effective social listening routine within your company?

Social listening is about monitoring, reacting and gathering the feedback from what people say online about brands and trends. It’s collecting all the data and crafting the right communication. Using tools for social listening and help to create a routine and automate the process.

I agree that tool like #googleAlerts can help. It’s free but also a basic tool.

Exactly. Inteaction leads to engagement, engagement leads to loyality which leads to trust. There is no bigger value than that for brands.

Thanks for bringing the matter of negative reviews! We can’t ignore them because: 1) they are super more valuable information about the brand and products 2) you can turn a disappointed customer into a brand ambassador

I agree with you, Ryan but partially. Social listening is as serious as market research and excellent customer care. There is a case study from CISCO. They’re using social listening to the full extent and it brings them real profits.

CISCO case study

Q3 How can social listening be used for lead generation? What’s the process?

  1. Collect all mentions about your brand, products, and competitors.
  2. Look when people are looking for your advice; something you can deliver’ ask your competitors (or complain about them).
  3. Engage. Social media are created for human communication.
  4. Close the deal!

Yes, that’s why it’s that important and useful to track not only your brand or products but also the niche. People are looking for recommendations all the time. Most of the brands waste that potential because they’re simply not using social listening.

I couldn’t agree more. What people expect today is not (only) the great product or service but the emotions. Good experience. Something that will make them satisfied, happy, appreciated and noticed. Social listening is a perfect tool here

Q4 What are the biggest mistakes to avoid when using social listening for lead generation?

In general terms – not using automated tools at all. I know marketers skip using proper ones trying to save money BUT home-made monitoring is very time-consuming. Second mistake is not thinking broadly – we have to monitor the whole niche and competitors.

Q5 What are your favorite social listening and lead generation tools?

That will be an easy choice – @Brand24 🙂 I work here and I see how beneficial is using social listening for business. I can also recommend Hootsuite or Google Alert (the last one is free as we mentioned before).

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