Quality Requirements to VCB Social Media Accounts

While we do automatically evaluate your social media accounts based on how many connections you have built there, it’s not all about numbers…

Please be aware of these quality requirements:

  • All social media accounts connected to VCB are required to maintain a natural social media presence: Share content from other places except for VCB, interact with friends, etc. We don’t allow to maintain social media accounts just for the sake of sharing VCB projects
  • All social media accounts connected to VCB are required to have established following that interacts with the shares
  • We may disable your social media accounts from VCB sharing if we notice there are no interactions with VCB projects you share.
  • We may disable your social media account if we notice you share too aggressively.
  • We will disable your account if you are promoting your own site in each social media update. Let’s keep things authentic!

Please read more here

Please be advised that if your shares are determined to be breaking our quality requirements, we may disable them and refund the users the spent credits.

VCB is all about natural sharing and building meaningful connections. Please only share content you really like and want to spread.

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