Viral Content Buzz Has Added Pinterest!

We are happy to announce another network added to our free and awesome platform.

*Now you can use the tool to get your pictures pinned!*

It requres a few more clicks than sharing on Twitter and Facebook – but we have to adapt to what each social media network has to offer for us! Again, you have full control over what you share. WE don’t have login to your Pinterest account: You share on Pinterest and provide us with the pin URL to verify!

Viral Content Buzz Pinterest

For Pinterest newbies and explorers, let’s share some Pinterest traffic-driving tips!

When it comes to social media, Pinterest is still the new kid in the class. But that doesn’t mean it is unknown; this photo pinned website has grown in popularity at a rate that is positively shocking. A growth that has continued strong over the past year, and creating more fanatics by the day.

One of the main problems that people are finding with the site is that they are unsure of how they should approach the topic of traffic driving. Being that it is still a rather new site, you might feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to establishing a campaign to utilize the tool.

Luckily, there are a couple of easy tips to get you started.

1. Use Infographics


There are a lot of types of content that generate attention, but infographics are some of the most shared all over the web. You run into them in every category on Pinterest, and they are repinned again and again. If you want a quick injection to your content you can find plenty of tools to help you make your own. Piktochart, Stat Planet and Creately are some of the best. But there are dozens out there to try out, with more being created every day. If you have a flare for art or graphic design, you can even make your own in Photoshop.

2. Pile On The Pictures

Pile On The Pictures

You may have seen the extra long pictures on Pinterest that have been showing up lately. They are a great way to show off steps, give multiple tips or just combine images. Users love them, so you will be sure to get plenty of traffic with those images. Especially if you make them and post them to your blog in a single image file, so they can be easily shared as they are instead of just as a link.

3. Have Default Images

Have Default Images

Not every post will have a great image accompanying it. Sometimes you might not have a picture at all. Having default photos that show up on every post on your site, such as a simple banner, will allow users to pin any page you have without any issues. I have lost track of how often I have not pinned something because there was no image to share. Don’t make that mistake, especially as it is such a simple one to avoid.

4. Provide A Pinterest Button

Pinterest Button

Social media buttons act as their own little call to action. By having them with every post, you will give a little reminder to users that the content can be shared on Pinterest without any complications. Which will make them more likely to share it. Don’t neglect adding one for the photo sharing site, even if you also have a Facebook, Twitter and Google+ button.

5. Combine Social Media

Combine Social Media

Lately I have been seeing a lot of Facebook and Twitter profiles with links to Pinterest in the About sections. Which is a fantastic idea that will show people that they can visit you there, as well. Since Facebook no longer has pinning as a standard feature (an odd choice for them to make, considering their connection in the past), this will ensure that your other users won’t miss out on content and will know to follow your boards there.

Pinterest is an incredible tool that anyone can drive traffic to with a little bit of effort. What are some of your ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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