Local Content Marketing with Tim Capper @GuideTwit #VCBuzz

Local Content Marketing with Tim Capper @GuideTwit #VCBuzzLocal marketing is a marketing brunch that has recently seen the most dramatic evolution. Thanks to local marketing, local businesses are given competitive advantage over corporate brands.

Today we are looking at one of the marketing tools local businesses can utilize: Content marketing

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About Tim Capper @GuideTwit

Tim Capper @GuideTwit has been involved in search marketing for over 10yrs and specialises in local SEO.

Tim operates a bespoke SEO consultancy www.onlineownership.com with a global client base.

Tim is a Google Top Contributor which gives him the ability to view issues that an average webmaster will never see, adding extra value to the already impeccable service Online Ownership provides for its clients.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

It started when I was a hotel and restaurant owner in the Lake District in 2001 when during the Foot and Mouth outbreak, the press declared the Lake District Closed.

I needed to find a way to let people know that only certain parts were closed and you could still access large parts of the Lakes. I started creating pdf maps of areas still open in the Lakes and how to get there.

Other businesses started noticing these and asked me to help with their areas. I survived and sold up 4 yrs later and the rest as the say is history.

Q2 How can content marketing support local marketing? Do local marketing even need to invest into content?

Local business still need to engage the customer during their purchase journey, at their point of need. Content is a great way to achieve this!

With a 500%+ growth in โ€œnear meโ€ mobile searches that contain a variant of โ€œcan I buyโ€ or โ€œto buyโ€ over the last 2 years, local business do need to invest in some form of consumer based content.

Local businesses don’t necessarily have to invest in content marketing, but they do need to curate their customers requirements into some form of content whether that be FAQs, articles, video, etc.

It depends on the business, certain types of business benefit from differently styled Posts and CTA button. Taxi benefits from a more Button looking post – call now but an accountant would benefit from more in depth post leading to the page.

Totally – you just need to find your ideal fit – make sure you use UTM tracking so you can measure in analytics.

Q3 Are there any local businesses that are doing a particularly good job at content marketing?

In general local businesses have not quite grasped the concept of creating content that converts their customers online to an in-business visit or sale. They also typically tend to scattergun the look at me posts socially.

I often ask businesses to look at their sites and ask themselves. If you could only read your online content to an in-store customer, would you make a sale. Converting a customer online is half the battle to getting the customer in-store.

Most local business that I help have fallen into the social media echo chamber of me, me, me. They need to start understanding what their customers are actually asking and looking for.

True, Google in theory should see past these but they still work.

For an oil change in a local area, I would build a resource of all facilities in the area + the different types of oil , their properties and the pricing – make yourself an authority in the market ๐Ÿ™‚

Totally! Never be afraid of Tech Specs either. They do make some epic vids too ๐Ÿ™‚

Q4 How to optimize content if you target a certain locality?

Your content naturally becomes localised when talking about your business & products / services available at a given location. Optimise to the intended action.

Local business should also cross promote other local businesses. The local bakery and the coffee shop. The dentist and the car wash, the carpet shop and the DIY store. It also builds real world relationships.

Yes & No. Do the research, find the opening and create the better content, personal.

Q5 What are your favorite local marketing tools?

Coupons awesome. Google Posts also provides this option, awesome for local businesses.

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