The Art of Business Blogging with Henneke Duistermaat @HennekeD #VCBuzz

The Art of Business Blogging with Henneke Duistermaat @HennekeD #VCBuzzBlogging is a powerful business marketing tool but so few businesses know how to use it right! Let’s learn how to blog your way to business success today!

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About Henneke

Henneke Duistermaat is an irreverent marketer and copywriter as well as founder of Enchanting Marketing

She teaches you how to create a sparkling business blog and write seductive copy to win more clients.

Henneke is the author of two 5-star rated books about writing and blogging: Blog to Win Business and How to Write Seductive Web Copy

Questions we discussed

Q1 How and why did you decide to start blogging? What was your first blog? Was it successful?

I started guest blogging before I started my own blog.

My 1st guest post @Copyblogger: 58 Ways to Create Persuasive Content. That first post on Copyblogger was a ‘disaster’ as I didn’t have my landing page ready, but I survived ?

It did take me 3 months to write first post & read 6 books ? I write a little faster now.

Not so much anymore. Only occasionally for @copyblogger.

Q2 What’s the ROI of blogging? How can a business justify spending money and resources on blogging?

A well-written and optimized blog generates traffic and leads, also an opportunity to build relationships.

ROI depends on how crowded a niche is; to get a return on investment takes longer in a crowded niche. My blog is a lead engine *and* the heart of my biz – a way to build relationships and connect with my tribe.

Looking for ROI magic? See a blog as a digital way to build an old-school relationship-based business.

Initially I generated business through guest post rather than through my blog

Q3 What are your favorite blogging tools?

Your #1 blogging tool must be a marketing email provider. I use @aweber. Email & blog are a power duo.

For generating more email subscribers, I also like @plugmatter and @leadpages

My favorite tools for blog images are *real* colored pencils, ink and nib, and @pixlr

I use @evernote to track research and to create a swipe file.

For focus and to take regular breaks, I love @focusboosterapp

Others are good, too. I started with @AWeber and I like their new campaigns feature to send content upgrades

That’s a good one!

I need to check this ?

Another one to check out ?

Q4 What’s your single, most powerful piece of advice to a business owner who is looking to start blogging? Where and how to start?

Create an ideal reader profile. Here’s a form.

When you write for one specific person, your blog becomes valuable, engaging and personal.

To build authority and gain traffic, help your audience by answering super-specific questions.

Examples of good questions to drive traffic via @wordstream.

This is the cartoon course I joined with @AlisonBeere @seandsouza

Hand-drawing blog illustrations takes time, but is also fun. Plus great way to build personal brand. Yess, take lots of breaks. I never work more than 25 mins at a time ? Uhm, except now ?

Q5 What are your productivity secrets? How to accomplish a lot being your own boss?

Productivity secret 1: Take a lot of short breaks. Here’s the science via @99u

Productivity secret 2: Work fewer hours; it focuses your mind. Seriously, I get more done in less time

Write faster (and better!) by breaking the writing process down. Here’s how.

Stress is a #productivity killer. This simple question helped me eliminate stress.

I used to be a bitchy boss for myself. I’ve learned to be kinder = more productive. One simple trick to be kinder to yourself: Stop saying “I should.” Try instead “I could”

It depends ? Sometimes image 1st, sometimes text 1st.

Show how others have made a success of blogging. Don’t overpromise. Blogging = long term commitment.

Yes, about 4 or 5 more books, I think ? Which book would you like to read?

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