How to Build a Life of Your Dream with Smart Blogging w/ @RyanBiddulph #VCBuzz

How Build a Life of Your Dream with Smart Blogging w/ @RyanBiddulph #VCBuzzBlogging from paradise is everyone’s dream, so we decided to talk to someone who has already realized it. Please meet @RyanBiddulph, blogging straight from the paradise and teaching others to!

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About Ryan

Ryan literally blogs from paradise. He has traveled the world for over 5 years straight

Ryan has been featured  at @virgin @forbes @foxnews @entrepreneur, @huffingtonpost and more!

Please check Ryan’s books on Amazon!

Questions we discussed

Q1 You have a very detailed About page but just to get introduced to our community, what’s your digital career story?

I am a former fired security guard turned island hopping pro blogger. I help folks do as I have done; become pro bloggers.

I had zero entrepreneurial bones in my body so I know what it’s like to start from scratch; no biz or online experience.

With this perspective, I feel that I connect with new or struggling bloggers. If I can do it, really, anybody can 😉 And yes if island hopping is your thing I can help you do that too 😉

Q2 When you are just starting to blog, how to get seen? How to build that first traction? Please share your tips!

Help as many successful bloggers as possible. Comment on their blogs. Tweet their posts. Helping these heavies forms friendships.

These friendships expand your reach far and wide. Because as you practice writing and get clearer, many of these pro bloggers will promote you, endorse you and feature you, expanding your reach, helping you gain traction and to be seen.

Exactly! Quickest way to gain traction online. Help successful bloggers. Give whatever ya want 🙂

Become their friends by helping them out. Comment on their blogs. Tweet their stuff. Feature them on your blog.

Generous, caring bloggers get noticed….easily 😉 If you want to get noticed by rocking bloggers, help rocking bloggers get “more noticed”

Q3 You’ve been known as a blog commenting guru. Do you still comment on other blogs and recommend doing so? What are your tips?

Oh yes, for sure. I recommend all bloggers comment on top blogs to build friendships and to drive traffic.

Post a 2-4 paragraph, thorough comment. Add real value. Address your fellow blogger by name. Thank them for their insight.

Sign off with your name. Think more “mini guest post” and less “blog comment.”

Q4 What are your favorite blog monetization tactics?

I love solving reader problems through my posts; the foundation for making money through blogging. As for streams I like writing and self-publishing eBooks on Amazon. I wrote 124 eBooks and placed on Amazon. Also, converting eBooks to audio books, creating and selling online courses, offering coaching and freelance writing services. These are my faves.

I do love writing. I thought of it as writing 124 long form, resource style posts. Or, bite-sized eBooks.

Two things actually; blogging mainly for fun and diving into my deepest fears on a daily basis. If you blog for fun mainly, and dive into your fears, you will succeed with blogging.

Q5 Digital marketing is hard to scale… how do you organize your life so that you have time for both traveling (and relaxing) and building your income?

I go where a high volume of interested readers are. I guest post, I blog comment and mainly, I focus on doing those 2 things. So I do them well. Where your energy goes, grows. This helps me to rock it out online so I can enjoy my travels offline.

For me, my 45 minute walk around Central Park after wrapping up this chat is as important as the chat. Gotta prioritize your offline life too, to build a freeing, fun, and prospering lifestyle. Freedom is my #1 goal. My #1 intent. So I build my life around doing freeing, leveraging things.

I’d blog more for the fun of blogging from Day 1 and also would build my email list from Day 1 too.

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