Is Blogging Still Relevant? with @SueAnnBubacz #vcbuzz

Is Blogging Still Relevant? with @SueAnnBubacz #vcbuzz

Blogs were an absolutely innovating idea once. Suddenly anyone could start a blog, become a writer and build a micro-community of like-minded people.

Businesses were using blogs to put their value proposition into a relevant non-commercial context, attract readers who would be ultimately converted into buyers and build niche authority and trust.

But a lot has changed since then. There are more channels and opportunities to get found and heard.

So is blogging still relevant?

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About @SueAnnBubacz

@SueAnnBubacz is a writer crafting creative business content to connect with people.

Sue already hosted one of #vcbuzz chats on using video and audio in social selling.

Check out Sue Ann’s website: Write Mix For Business

Questions we discussed

Q1 Let’s start with your story: When did you start blogging and why?

Owning/operating a high-energy, extremely physical business as a professional catering production & event design company for decades, my feet were hurting, so I started writing.

After studying the art/science of copywriting, I was drawn to web copy; the realization that a business website is today’s EXPECTED “digital business card” drew me further into digital marketing and the role writing, and blogs, in particular, play.

Some of you already know I’m all about How to Bling Your Blog! ? But the thing is, your #blog has a BIG job, offering many benefits as the “Red Carpet” to your site, welcoming visitors to learn more about your business.

Here’s a short video to explain why your business needs a #blog to attract & engage, with some voice-over help from @RyanBiddulph- the #blogging buddha!

Plus, your blog is the fuel for content & social media marketing, acting as the content hub for the valuable digital assets your market/audience craves. Not only is it the living, breathing part of your website, but your blog also helps build DA & SEO for you.

Q2 For a business, is it still a good idea to start a blog?

A resounding YES, even though your #Blog is a Hog ? it is a solid digital marketing tool. But remember, the blog of 2022 is a LOT different than 7 yrs ago at my start. And it’s continually evolving.

For one big change, your core blog #content doesn’t have to be written content anymore. It can predominantly be videos, audio, drawings, photography, or a mix of media. The important part is it connects site visitor needs with business goals.

Some of your blog’s jobs to enhance your digital footprint ? include: creating awareness, attracting attention, gaining website traffic, answering questions/stimulating interest in your product/services, building credibility/authority, developing leads, and more.

Q3 Now that every other business and influencer has a blog, how not to get lost and stand out?

Standing out isn’t easy. It takes time and work. But, your blog helps you shine by giving you your own publishing house to create and grow. It gives you an opportunity to show thought leadership and innovative thinking, capabilities, and helpful industry information.

Part of standing out means just showing up. #Blogging is a long game but worth playing! Still, quality over quantity stands out, as does showing your brand’s personality through your blog. Turn up UX, think value over flimsy, and maintain audience-first focus.

Writing bud, @HennekeD, brings extra UX/value-added concepts via images of alter-ego, #blogging sidekick, Henrietta, with hand-drawn mastery; @NevMed uses his #blog as the anchor to his cascading content process; @crestodina offers original research!

Our leader, @SEOSmarty is super fab offering unique tools, a blog sharing platform, long-term experience, and an industry-backed reputation as an expert in SEO; talk about standout blog mastery. #linkbuilding through guest #blogging as well.

Q4 What has changed since blogging started? What are new blogging tactics to embrace and what to leave behind?

I think the biggest change is the blog as a business and marketing tool vs. a personal journal of sorts at its inception. Truthfully, there’s no single formula for a successful blog, but one common trait is that they often offer a unique voice in their space.

Maybe easier to express than the changes is what’s the same, IMO, like the need for your #blog content to be helpful, useable, relevant, and timely. Connecting with people via your blog’s content floating out in the world is always the goal. Customers are people.

So, new tactics. I think things happening digitally now are a continuous spectrum of the evolution we’ve been experiencing. That’s to say, extending or furthering content using mixed media formats, optimizing cross-platform strategy, expanding skills, etc., works.

But, digital marketing tactics today, including blogs, require a mixed marketing tactics toolbox that embraces visual content, (video, etc.), thought-provoking and leading pieces, new ideas/experimentation into UX, and #creativity. Also, #community wins.

Q5 What are your favorite blogging tools?

@NeilPatel says, “Build Out Your Blog…Google controls more than 92 percent of the search market, which means if you want traffic, you need to invest in SEO. Investing in a blog and delivering valuable content is one of the best e-commerce tips I can offer.”

“Let’s get real. You should almost ALWAYS START WITH A BLOG.” ~via @markwschaefer “…to become known, you need a blog because it can be seen, shared, commented on, and discovered by Mr. Google.”

Blogging Tools. Hmm. ✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍ Write. A lot. Think before you ink. Edit and edit a few more times. Think again. Refine. Improve each time. Don’t phone it in, do the work! Play with learning, reading, and improving. Oops, not tips, tools!

Blogging tips continued. Haha Writing and everything you create from your #writing is the biggest, brightest, best tool you have, IMO. I love “splashing around in words,” and I think writing practice only improves everything, #blogging.

OK, Actual tools for blogging! I still ? for blogs; I kinda ? @Grammarly 4ever, but override it with gusto often. Lol SEO tools/plugins help. (u know em all) An idea ? catcher is essential, so I triple love @Trello for organization of all kinds.

Make it easy for people to share your stuff by using a sharing plugin for your #blog posts. I know, 101, but you’d be surprised… #Canva is heavenly for design work, integrates with my fav Social Scheduling Tool, @Agorapulse, and does tricks for presentations!

I use #Camtasia for my video editing; scoop from @GordIsman on the next upgrade for more creative stuff than ever; @DepositPhotos for licensed images; and @YouTube for free video hosting; cheaters I’m playing with @InVideo, @Animatron, @Lumin5

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