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Happy Holidays to All from Viral Content Bee! #VCBuzz

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We don’t have a guest today because we thought it would be to cruel to make any one work over the holiday week 🙂 We do want to wish you all the happiness inaaa

Is Viral Content Marketing Only For ‘Fun’ Niches?

Content marketing is a buzz word right now and according to Social Media Implications, it’s all about creating content that spreads! The other day I was discussing viral content marketing with a friend (yes, we really are that lame) overaaa

How To Find Your Blogging Style

I read something recently about this topic, and on ways to find your blogging style. It went into demographics, narrowing your audience by statistics, researching your keywords, and a lot of marketing jargon that is helpful for issues like

How to Make the Most of Pinterest

Pinterest support is one of the most popular features of Viral Content Buzz which really makes us a unique platform. We know for a fact that Pinterest works great for traffic and we would love to help our users achieveaaa

List Marketing Twitter Chat with @NickKellet #VCBuzz

Lists are by far the most effective content marketing tools. No matter how many lists a reader consumes daily, lists seem to never stop working! People love reading and sharing them! Today we have a list guru as a mentor;aaa

HOW TO: Get Your Article HOT (Case Study)

Intro from Ann: In an effort to continuously inspire VCB members we are bringing you case studies on how bloggers managed to create highly-shareable blog posts. Meet our today’s guru David McSweeney! While (at the time of writing) it isaaa

Join ViralContentBuzz to Get a Free Copy of Content Marketing Guide (Most Actionable Tips!)

At ViralContentBuzz we believe in the power of the quality content, connections and mutual benefits. In an effort to show what really works and how, we have collected most effective content marketing and brand-building tips tips and compiled them inaaa

If You Want Your Content to Buzz, You’ve Got to Understand What It Takes to Go Viral

Thanks for that introduction Harold! As Harold stated, I’d like to talk a little bit about what type of quality we are looking for in terms of submissions to Viral Content Buzz, as well as EXACTLY what makes these typesaaa

How to Use Visual Content In Your Content Marketing

When you think of content your mind probably goes right to text. Articles and blog posts, columns of writing explaining a service or product…that is what content is, right? For the most part, that is exactly what content is. Butaaa

What Makes Your Content Go Viral?

Think of some of the viral content you have seen in the last few years. What comes to mind? Heman’s ‘What’s Going On’, Where The Hell Is Matt?, Gangnum Style…everyone has seen these videos, and they are still getting regularaaa