Keys to Self-Employed Success with @salmanlashkari #vcbuzz

Being self-employed is many people’s dream.

Self-employment means being your own boss, flexible hours and freedom.

But how hard is it to succeed in that lifestyle?

Unfortunately, being self-employed comes with a lot of insecurity and stress which makes it hard to succeed.

What are the keys to self-employed success? Let’s discuss!

About Salman Saleem @salmanlashkari

Salman Saleem @salmanlashkari is no stranger to #vcbuzz Twitter chats. He has already hosted a chat on promoting your project in a very competitive niche and another one on using account-based marketing.

Salman Saleem @salmanlashkari is is digital marketing strategist and contributing author @RWW, @TDataScience, and @Medium

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become self-employed? Was it difficult to make that step?

For years I have been working as a full-time employee where I learned the art of digital marketing service and client management. I realized that I should take a leap of faith and start small from Upwork and communities on FB/Slack. Once I started building my portfolio, I left my job and started working as a marketing consultant for different companies.

It was a difficult step as you get to leave your comfort zone but then being your own boss is something worth it.

Q2 How to cope with fear when deciding to move to self-employment?

In order to cope with fear, I would recommend having enough savings to back yourself at times of crisis because that is the only fear I experienced when moving to self-employment.

My advice would be to never leave your full-time job for self-employment unless you get employed as a consultant contracted for a company (part-time/Freelancer) or your saving is enough for 3 months of sustainability even if there is no client.

Q3 Where to start? How to start making a plan a reality? How to tell if you are ready?

Identify whether you want to start your business as a service provider or launch a product that could turn into a unicorn. Make a 5-year plan. Where do you want to see yourself at? What are the assets that you want at your hand?

Break that Five-year plans into a year and break the year plan into the quarter. Run a 10-11 days sprint to see how you are progressing towards your quarter target.

Something I made for Small Biz, a couple of years back. You can use this template for your own Objective & key results. From my experience, if u have 3 to 4 years of market and industry experience, you are equipped enough to go for your own business.

Q4 What one piece of advice would you give to someone planning to become self-employed?

There isn’t one though but

  1. Always have enough savings to keep yourself protected at times of crisis before thinking of self-employed
  2. Hang out/Engage in communities on Facebook/LinkedIn/Reddit/Slack/Discord/Telegram
  3. Build Valuable relationships with key influencers
  4. Make Guides and checklists for every service you provide and share in communities for networking.

Q5 What are your favorite self-employment tools and resources?

  • Google Suite for documents excel, and presentation
  • Grammarly for writing
  • Canva for designing
  • SEMrush/Ahref/Spyfu for SEO/SEM Calendly for Meeting Scheduling
  • Loom for video recording (Short Tutorial)
  • Tools for freelancers

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