How to Use Account Based Marketing with Salman Saleem @salmanlashkari #vcbuzz

How to Use Account Based Marketing with Salman Saleem @salmanlashkari #vcbuzz

B2B (business-to-business) marketing can be tough.

You have to deal with multi-layered companies with two many decision marketers in charge of them.

How to acquire high-quality leads and, more importantly, turn them into actual clients?

Account-based marketing may be your answer.

The majority of B2B marketers describe account-based marketing as delivering higher ROI.

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About Salman Saleem @salmanlashkari

Salman Saleem @salmanlashkari is no stranger to #vcbuzz Twitter chats. He has already hosted a chat on promoting your project in a very competitive niche.

Salman Saleem @salmanlashkari is is digital marketing strategist and contributing author @RWW, @TDataScience, and @Medium

Questions we discussed

Q1 What is account-based marketing and which niches does it best apply to?

As marketers, we feel bad for delivering mass marketing ads to prospects and consumers. And yet, we know that the more personalized and targeted our campaign is, the better they do it.

In its simplest form, ABM is a technique that directs resources to a particular collection of target accounts and then creating relevant content to drive them to a lead generation funnel.

From my experience, account-based marketing suite B2B niche the best where the potential leads are the decision making (high-level account)of an organisation such as CFO, CEO, CTO, CMO, etc.

Q2 How to identify those high-profile leads to target?

Typically speaking, a successful ABM campaign generally requires a multi-channel approach. For example, a key decision-maker who is rarely in the office is probably not the best choice for direct mail marketing.

While someone who is likely to be in the office is. LinkedIn Ads and webinars will cater to both, in particular to the traveling executive.

Q3 How to research your target leads? How to identify and research decision makers within each of those companies?

So this is how it works. There is a research analyst who does research digging and hunting out potential companies that can be the best lead for a business. Those leads are sent further to a sales expert.

Sales Expert then filters the leads matching to organisations potential lead criteria with metrics defined which could be but not limited to Annual Revenue > $1,000,000, number of employees > 5000, etc.

The sales team then hunts the key decision-makers of the companies that are classified as leads and discusses with the marketing team, how to draw them into the lead funnel to turn them as potential clients.

Q4 How do you reach out to those identified decision makers? How many touchpoints does it usually take and which outreach methods are the most effective?

In a recent ABM Workshop i took, The Marketer created a blog based on his target personas and their industry. “5 key trends that will impact the directors of finance at the bank of America”.

It was directed at 5 people at a single business. And apparently worked to get them in a funnel and open up more conversation.

Marketing team stalks high profile account and create relevant contents and executes paid campaigns to lower the decision-maker of lead companies to the marketing funnel.

Once the lead is MQL (Marketing qualified lead), it gets passed to the sale team to turn it into SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)

Yes, they have share their information and are now MQL, To make it SQL Sales team outreach to ensure if the deal could be closed now or later in the upcoming days or could be outreach later since now is not the best time.

Q5 What are your favorite account-based marketing tools?

Linkedin for Research, executing paid campaigns, and Hubspot for CRM.

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