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Search engine optimization is an essential part of content creation process. You want your content to be findable and Google is still the most desirable place for it to be found in.

Many bloggers think SEO is something to technical to bother about, others think it’s something almost illegal.

Neither is true. In face, search engine optimization is merely about making your content easy to find and understand, both for people and search engine crawlers.

So how do you optimize your content for search engines?

Questions we discussed

Q1 How has SEO changed over the years? What were the most important changes for you personally/for your company?

From cookie-cutter tactics to strategic approach: More focus on content and quality. Negative change: SEO requires bigger budgets, so big brands win over small businesses.

One thing remains the same: Links are still the only way to rank in Google.  You can create quality content but without links it won’t do much.

Q2 What are the essential content search engine optimization steps? What should be done and how?

Step1: Keyword research: Define which keywords are in high demand without having crazy competition

I did a quick article on #keywordresearch here.

Here’s another one that clearly shows the process.

Make sure those keywords appear in the right places: Titles are by far the most important. Titles affect click-through too because they often appear in search results. Colorlib lists a few essential SEO plugins to optimize your articles properly.

Think indepth varied content: Mention related entities (events, names…), include links to trusted sources, etc.

Q3 Should we be going back and optimize our old content or is it better to focus on creating new content instead?

It should probably be both: Google loves both fresh and evergreen content

Go back and optimize outdated content to replace broken links, add new concepts, etc.

Think about keeping your old content ever-green, rather than SE-optimized

If it’s too much to update (e.g article is based on an outdated tool), write a new article and 301-redirect the outdated one

Q4 What are your favorite SEO tools and why?

I love a ton to SEO tools but due to nature of my specific marketing tasks I use only a few daily.

I love @Serpstat because somehow it gives me more ideas (Thier question research rocks!)

Plus @Serpstat can be used to research related terms, etc.: Lots of features for content creators

I also use @answerthepublic and recently @Buzzsumo’s new tool Bloomberry.

…@Serpstat, @answerthepublic & @Buzzsumo’s BloomBerry are great for niche question research

I’ve been focusing my content to answer niche questions for a while now.

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