Building a Successful In-House SEO Team with Nick Dimitriou @nikos_di #VCBuzz

Building a Successful In-House SEO Team with Nick Dimitriou @nikos_di #VCBuzz

I am a big believer of the power of a team. No business can become successful unless it has a strong team behind it.

Building an in-house SEO team has always made perfect sense to me: After all, you want to own your site SEO, keep record of everything that has been done, encourage creativity and own all built contacts.

But how easy is it to build a successful in-house SEO team? Let’s discuss!

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About Nick

Nick Dimitriou @nikos_di is growth marketing team lead for @moosend one of the top email marketing and automation platforms in the industry.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

It started from small Youtube channel where we produced and promoted short clips of professional eSports players. We successfully grew this small youtube channel to around 20K fans across our social channels.

That’s where I fall in love with everything digital and how to effectively promote something with minimum budget hence my love with SEO 😉

Fast forward four years of university and a tonne of university assignments, I started working as a growth marketing associate for Moosend where we slowly started to penetrate the search results with our content marketing endeavors.

Almost 2 years later, I am currently leading a team of 5 people actively publishing articles and creating SEO friendly content all over the web!

Q2 Why in-house? Why would a business invest into building and training a team if they can hire someone?

Building an in-house team can be a daunting task especially an SEO one. There are many risks involved and it totally depends on the structure of the business. If it’s a SaaS product, an eCommerce store, etc.

The benefits of an In-house SEO team are that you have more control over what is going on with your SEO endeavors especially if you are investing heavily in those! Therefore It makes total sense to build an in-house team rather than hiring someone else.

When it comes to in-house SEO team, it 100% depends on how resilient the business owner is. Is he willing to invest in something that he will potentially see the return in 6-12months?

Q3 Where to start? How to build an SEO team from scratch?

Well starting an in-house SEO team is never easy, you really need to put some thought to it. Initially, you need to find your hire #1 which will most likely be the one leading the team in the future.

If you’ve managed to find that person things will slowly start to fall into place. Hire#1 doesn’t need to have a tonne of experience with SEO as long as they are willing to learn by themselves, with the guidance of the business owners/managers.

Q4 SEO has become an industry where cookie-cutter approaches don’t work. How to motivate your team and encourage creativity?

You need to be honest and build trust, some tactics might work some might not that’s how ambiguous doing SEO is. If you explain to them that failure is part of the process and it’s bound to happen there’s no need to motivate them!

One great way to encourage creativity and within your team is to switch roles for 1-2 days, let your communication specialist write a guest blog, and your content writer do some outreach.

Switching things like that will most likely not damage your overall performance and your team will bond even better!

Q5 What are your favorite team building and collaboration tools and resources?

My favorite ones are Trello as simple as it sounds it makes total sense you do not want to overcomplicate things, Pitchbox which allows us to track our outreach performance and finally reporting all those with the use of Google DataStudio.

Exactly! It’s always great to get on other side and see what others are doing to make the whole process work!

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