Structured Data and SEO with @richiesnippets #vcbuzz

Structured Data and SEO with @richiesnippets #vcbuzz

In SEO there are things you can control and things that are out of your control.

Structured data is one of those aspects of SEO that you can fully control and have better chances to generate rich snippets and improve your organic CTR.

And yet, not many businesses take full advantage of structured data. Let’s discuss!

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About @richiesnippets

Richie Lauridsen @richiesnippets is a Search Engine Optimization specialist at Plaid.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I started my career in digital marketing about 11 years ago at a small agency focused on SEO for SMBs in San Diego. Working at a small agency gave me insight and an opportunity to learn a lot of different areas of digital marketing.

I was a Director of Digital Strategy and then a Sr. Technical SEO at a couple of different agencies before going in-house at Plaid. The breadth of experience was really useful to understand the complexities of working in-house.

Q2 What is structured data and how does it help SEO?

Structured data is an agreed set of vocabulary to mark up content that already exists on your site so that search engines can better understand the content and its relationship to different entities on the internet.

The shared/standardized vocabulary helps webmasters get more bang for their buck regarding the content they produce. There’s a TON of different mark up available that can help everyone from local businesses to enterprise sites. More at

In this case, structured data helps search engines understand and map relationships with the content you’re publishing to entities on the Internet. It’s benevolent and generous, rather than spammy! Think products, articles, FAQs and more.

I’d lean on Google Developers and the folks at @Merkle have a great tool at

Q3 What are some common structured data myths and mistakes out there?

Common myths and mistakes: I think the biggest mistake is often not taking advantage of valid structured data that would help enrich search results. It’s an additional step to add structured data, but it can go a long way to improve visibility and CTR

Like with all things, it’s important to follow the guidelines. Only use structured data for pages where it’s relevant, and be mindful not to include spammy mark up. The biggest mistake I regularly see is brands that use review snippets across every page…

I’m not sure I have specific examples of spammy markup on hand, but I think the idea of adding review markup to pages with no reviews is a clear example: Webmasters may do this to get star rating on nearly every page, but this is against guidelines

Q4 What are the most important structured data types we need to be aware of?

My favorite type of structured data at the moment is FAQ markup. I’ve been able to add modules to pages that have helped improve CTR and even win featured snippets for valuable questions (though this is not a guarantee!)

Google’s developer resources provide an extensive list of all structured data types that Google currently supports with rich snippets.

I’ve seen incredibly helpful results after implementing Article, Event, Job Posting, and Review structured data, but Breadcrumb structured data offers a really useful signal to the hierarchy and architecture of a site as well.

Q5 What are your favorite SEO and structured data tools?

Personally, I don’t use a lot of tools with structured data these days as it’s easy enough to just write out the appropriate mark up using JSON. But! The resources I would lean on include: @Merkle‘s tool I mentioned earlier.

@screamingfrog can help with validation, Google’s Rich Results testing tool can also help with ensuring your code is correct… and a JSON-LD playground is useful to spot-check for errors.

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