Social Media Automation Dos and Don’ts with Jeremy Goldman @jeremarketer #vcbuzz

Social Media Automation Dos and Don'ts with Jeremy Goldman @jeremarketer #vcbuzz

In today’s vital world of social media marketing, if you (or your business) don’t have a strong digital presence, it’s like you’re not even there.

Is there any way for a busy small business owner to set up a social media marketing strategy without pouring huge budgets into that?

Smart automation is an answer!

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About Jeremy Goldman

Jeremy Goldman @jeremarketer is Principal Analyst at Insider Intelligence

For nearly 20 years, Jeremy Goldman has been spearheading long-term marketing strategies and developing deep insights for world-class brands like Consumer Reports, Amtrak, Kiehl’s, US Marine Corps, BECCA, Colgate, Unilever.

An international keynote speaker, best-selling author (Going Social, as well as Getting to Like), and columnist, Jeremy’s insights have been featured in broadcast media as well as publications such as Mashable and The Wall Street Journal, among others.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I actually was more of a techie/IT manager and went to business school to learn the ropes of marketing! From there I transitioned into leading social for a number of beauty brands.

The best way to learn the ropes of anything new is to volunteer to do it before anyone sees it has value 🙂 So I’ve had social in my responsibilities dating back to 2007, even.

Q2 When it comes to social media marketing, what are some tasks that can (or should) be automated?

Scheduling, for me, is the best thing to automate. It can be a *huge* time saver. Cleaning up your follower lists is another good thing and very underrated! But you have to be careful not to do anything too “black hat” in the process.

Ah I don’t want to skip ahead too much but Superpowers for Twitter is quite nice! Very helpful and with clear abilities to not get in trouble with Twitter for TOS violations.

Q3 What are the most common social media automation mistakes? In other words, what are some social media marketing automation don’ts?

You *have* to be available to pause activities as necessary so you don’t come across tone-deaf to world or local events. This is critical!

Some other key automation don’ts: 1) Don’t share everything in the same format. 2) You can’t automate relationships. Don’t try. 3) Offending people with your automation is never worth it.

And it’s an unforced error, too! Because you’re saving time with automation, so use some of that saved and invest in some type of governance.

I love that point. It’s not bad to have templated responses, but you need to have some degree of flexibility as well. Empower your people to make those edits as needed.

Q4 When it comes to social media automation, are there new tactics, trends or ideas you have recently found yourself excited about?

I like design automation. RelayThat and Canva and even Infogram offer a bunch of ways to automate aspects of the design process. That doesn’t take the place of an expert designer, mind you!

You can get pretty sophisticated in tying together multiple tools and platforms using Zapier. I highly recommend everyone look into the innovative things you can do with it!

Q5 What are your favorite social media marketing automation tools?

I’ve loved @buffer for years. Sprout Social and Meet Edgar are also very nice. Superpowers for Twitter is great. I’ve played around with HelloWoofy recently and like the interface.

When it comes to favorite social media automation tools, there’s no right answer and there are SO MANY tools out these these days! The key is to become a maven at a few good tools rather than constantly getting skin-deep on many.

I actually have! I’ve used @Agorapulse and it works quite well. Nice interface, pretty intuitive – definitely a tool you can do good things with.

Right. You have to be so cautious with those tools to avoid overdoing it! It’s not worth getting into “Twitter jail” or the equivalent on any other platform. Those tools are still worth it but need to be careful.

Especially when your competitors over-automate and you put that friendly human face to your business, all of a sudden you have a differentiator from everyone else in the field. It’s the mix of automation and humanity that makes a brand succeed.

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