How to Write a Winning Email Subject with Don Sturgill @DonSturgill #vcbuzz

How to Write a Winning Email Subject with Don Sturgill @DonSturgill #vcbuzz

Email remains the main and the most effective method of online communication.

But it is also getting harder and harder to get your email opened or read. As more and more businesses are utilizing email marketing, consumers’ email fatigue is ever growing.

One of the best ways to ensure your email will attract attention and get read is to come up with a great email subject. But how to do that?

Let’s discuss!

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About Don

@DonSturgill is no stranger to #vcbuzz. Apart from making sure to join us almost weekly for years now, Don also hosted his own chat on impressive writing and another one on claiming your knowledge graph.

Don is a professional writer who can turn your content marketing around and make it finally work! For a no-obligation, no-cost review of your writing needs, Contact Don

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

My career is entirely the fault of @seosmarty

Ann Smarty’s success encouraged me to seek my own. Not to mention, I had for years been encouraging others to launch their own businesses.

I left the corporate world on May 13, 2013 … scared spitless. But we have survived the transition, and I love the freelance life. God is good.

Monday morning, I was close to calling to see if I could get my job back 🙂 Fear tried to shipwreck me.

Q2 In your opinion, what are the important components of email subjects?

The most important component in email marketing is …. the recipient, the reader.

You can get people to open messages, but that doesn’t mean they will want to ever open your mail again.

Those who buy followers on social media are missing the point.

Same with articles. I hate it when the focus is on open rate, rather than on “Did I deliver on the promise?”

Q3 Have you seen great results from newer hacks like using emojis or special characters in email subjects?

An emoji or cute trick might get them to open an email … but you had better give them something of real value inside.

Here’s the premise: We scan our email inbox to see what we want to open or save and want we want to get rid of.

Do you ever look at the hundreds of emails you receive and KNOW that 90 percent aren’t of interest to you?

Problem is, you don’t know which 10 percent (high end) to keep …. so you HAVE to scan.

There is plenty of talk about how to WRITE email campaigns, but how often do we consider the reader?

Let’s look at some real-life examples from my email swipe file. But hang on until the end of this Chat because I’m going to show you a simple tactic that will turn the lights on.

Q4 What should marketers stay away from using in the email subject?

My points today: Deliver on your promises. If you make big promises, make big deliveries.

Make sure people know WHO your email is from. Consider how they scan. But what if there was a way to capture the attention of both types of email scanning procedures?

The focus is almost always on flashy subject lines. But email readers want more than empty promises. 

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