How to Find Topics to Write on with Jennifer Bridges @JenBridgesRD #vcbuzz

How to Find Topics to Write on with Jennifer Bridges @JenBridgesRD #vcbuzz

Finding content ideas is a never-ending challenge!

In the era of content overload when everything seems to written, how to find topics to write on?

Let’s discuss!

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About @JenBridgesRD

Jennifer Bridges @JenBridgesRD is content marketing manager at Reputation Defender.

As a content manager Jennifer has to come up with relevant content ideas on a continuous basis, so she definitely has some tricks to share!

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a content marketer? Please share your career story!

I kind of fell into content marketing. After graduating with an English degree, I struggled to find my niche (insert English major = waitress joke here) and did a wide variety of jobs. Eventually, I got hired as an editor and found I was good at it.

In 2011, I got a job as an editor at ReputationDefender. One day, a writer for a VIP client didn’t understand what the client wanted—and I did. So, I volunteered to write the content myself. He liked what I wrote, so I became his writer.

Q2 How do you find content ideas?

I write about reputation management and online privacy, so it can be hard to find new topics. Mainly, I search competitor blogs and Ahrefs. I also brainstorm ideas with my boss. My goal is to fill gaps in my content and do what the competitor is doing, only better.

Q3 How do you evaluate a potential content idea? What prompts you to write an article on a certain topic?

I use Ahfefs to see which competitor articles rank well. Then, I see if they are copies of my stuff. If they are but have new info, then I’ll revise my doc to incorporate the new info. If they aren’t, then I’ll write a new, more in-depth post about it.

If a topic is well written but isn’t getting any clicks, then I won’t waste my time writing about it. Often, I find new topics that rank well, but are not fleshed out. These topics are good opportunities for me.

Q4 No matter how many tricks a writer has, there’s always a writer’s block once in a while. How do you cope?

I struggle with writer’s block, probably because I’m never satisfied with my own work. I can spend hours writing and rewriting my intro paragraph. When this happens, I go outside and take a walk. The fresh air, exercise, and time away from a computer reboots my brain.

Q5 What are your favorite content marketing tools?

  • WordPress
  • Hootsuite
  • Ahrefs
  • Grammarly (I use the free version. It’s not perfect, but it sometimes alerts me to misspellings and grammatical errors.)
  • Pocket (This is a great tool to store articles I find that I want to share on social)

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