How to Create a Content Distribution Strategy with Asangi @asangi_j #vcbuzz

Content creation takes a lot of time and effort – how come so much content remains under-promoted?

Content distribution is all about giving your content what it deserves, i.e. a chance to get seen by a wider audience.

What is content distribution and how to do it right? Let’s discuss

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About Asangi @asangi_j

Asangi @asangi_j is a marketing professional with 8+ years of experience in B2B SaaS Marketing and an overall 12 years in Branding and Marketing Communications.

Currently, she leads all marketing efforts for Linear Squared, a B2B SaaS startup that builds AI-driven forecasting and planning software.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

By accident 🙂

After much job hunting, I had got an opportunity at a tech company.
That was my entry into tech marketing and digital marketing.
It was a lot of learning on the job, but I’m glad I took the challenge. Since then I have discovered how awesome it is be in this field and  I haven’t looked back 

Q2 What is content distribution and what does it normally consist of?

Quite simply put, it’s publishing and promoting çontent to your audience using multiple channels & media formats. It consists of 3 broad categories- Earned, Owned, and Paid.

Earned – distribution channels that belong to 3rd parties (review sites, forums, re-tweets)Owned- distribution channels that belong to you (Website, socials)Paid- Paid distribution (PPC, paid SM ads, paid placements on magazines)

Audience matching is so important. If you have targeted the wrong audience, all the hard work you put in to distribution may not pay off.

Q3 What are the best free content distribution tactics?

Strengthening the owned and earned distribution channels would be my best pick.  They are free (of course) & accessible to a larger audience.

  • Optimize content- include the right keywords, add meta & title tags, link
  • Repurpose content that is doing well already- republish them in multiple forms such as converting a blog into a video or inforgraph
  • Create a Cornerstone Piece and create black links to it, also a lot of other content around it.
  • Use emailers and email lists – highly targeted & personalized

The website! It’s yours to control – add and edit as you need. improve SEO etc. Also as the content hub, it makes better sense for you to focus on improving the website

Absolutely. Nothing about content distribution is actually free. There is so much time and effort you need to invest in it.

Q4 What are some of the content distribution trends you are excited about?

AR (Augmented Reality) enabled visual storytelling – giving the consumer something interactive and unique & encouraging participation

Voice search – not a new trend but this keeps growing. According to Google, 41% of adults use voice search at least once a day! 

Account-Based Marketing – Personalization is key and it will never get old

Building content communities – creating focused communities around your focused topics. But this is not a one-way activity, the community takes center stage!

Podcasts – podcasts have grown and continue to be a major factor in content distribution. Podcasts listeners are educated, loyal, affluent & are usually active on more than one social channel making this a trend that will stay a little longer 🙂

Q5 What are your favorite content distribution tools?

PR newswire is great for distributing newsworthy announcementsEmail marketing tools such as @HubSpot @mailchimp @Autopilotapp @marketo @Buffer, @Hootsuite @Tweetdeck  @SocialOomph to schedule social posts.

@Buzzsumo – to identify &  compare trends, track competitor content & how your own content is performing@sniply – to add a CTA to every link you share

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