Fiction in Content Marketing with @BridgetMWillard #vcbuzz

Fiction in Content Marketing with @BridgetMWillard #vcbuzz

Today everyone can become a writer. It takes a lot of time learning, practicing and improving your skill but it is doable.

But how can content marketers benefit from fiction? What can they learn from fiction authors and how can fiction improve your content marketing strategy?

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About @BridgetMWillard

@BridgetMWillard is a teacher who focuses on building relationships. Bridget’s services include in-house training, marketing strategy, copywriting, and social media account management.

Bridget is author of several marketing books. Her plugin “Launch With Words” is a value-add for developers to help those clients use their websites — publishing blog posts monthly.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I started writing about projects and starting social media for @RigginsConst in 2009 when everything died in construction.

Q2 What is fiction in content marketing? What are some examples of story-telling in branded content marketing strategies?

An example of fiction in content marketing is using a storyline but giving travel tips. @warrenlnaida wrote this for my client. There is a whole series: Paris, Berlin, London…

Q3 Does all content marketing have to be nonfiction?

I used to believe that content marketing for business had to be nonfiction. But look at all of the storylines in advertising. They’re not real. There is no “Jake” from State Farm.

Or Captain Mayhem. Or the people learning not to be their parents for Progressive.

Even the Secret Message from the Annie radio program in The Christmas Story was “Drink More Ovaltine.” (or whatever. The secret decoder ring was for an ad. Little Orphan Annie is fiction.

Q4 What can content marketers learn from fiction writers?

They can learn to draw people in and care about the brand. They can learn better writing skills. I’ve been prioritizing reading lately to improve my own writing.

Q5 What are your favorite content marketing tools?

My favorite tools for content marketing?

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