Quality Score & How It Affects Your Google Ads with Lior Krolewicz @yaelconsulting #vcbuzz

Quality Score & How It Affects Your Google Ads with Lior Krolewicz @yaelconsulting #vcbuzz

PPC (Pay-per-click) is a great way to quickly generate clicks, leads and customers.

However, despite popular belief, PPC is not just about blatantly paying for ads.

In many ways, PPC is art where you should keep an eye on best opportunities, ensure high quality of your landing page and meeting each searcher’s intent.

Quality score is crucial for your PPC campaign, but what is it and how to improve it?

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About Lior Krolewicz

Lior Krolewicz @yaelconsulting is founder of Yael Consulting

A former online marketing leader at a top advertising firm, Lior has personally helped corporations direct millions in online advertising dollars to generate profit. He is an expert in online marketing, strategy, operations, and technology.

In his experience with diverse industries, the military, and small and fortune-500 companies, Lior has personally increased sales and productivity, built reporting platforms, and cut wasteful costs; enabling companies to hit and surpass their ultimate goals.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

Originally an analyst at heart, in 2009 I was hired as #2 marketing person in a startup and got Google Ads dropped at my desk. I devoured information on the topic and loved how it combined analytics and psychology.

That startup successfully sold for $273MM and by then I moved on to the top US independent marketing agency. I quickly won awards and managed accounts of over $1MM per month.

Missing the fun of close connection to results, I started Yael Consulting to bring fortune 500 expertise to small and medium businesses. It felt a more wholistic way to connect and celebrate wins with clients. – so here we are, about decade later 🙂

Q2 So what is Quality Score and how to determine it? Why is Quality Score important for your PPC campaign?

Quality Score is Google’s way of determining how relevant your keywords are to your ads. To assess user experience on Google search.

The idea is that if you provide users with better experience then, you make Google look good, for delivering good search results, and Google rewards you with higher quality score.

It’s important for campaigns because Google rewards higher quality score with lower cost per click, for a position on the search results, compared to the competition with lower quality score.

For example, if you have higher Quality Score (QS), compared to your competitor, then you will pay less than them to show your ad in the #1 top ad position. So you get less expensive traffic.

From here flows the obvious: less expensive quality traffic, helps your profits margins, which you can keep or use to get more aggressive with your advertising to capture more market share…

Quality Score is a column you can see on the Keyword level within the Google Ads account

Google has a column for “Quality Score (hist.)” – so the history of it. But honestly, I don’t use it. If it was better or worse before will not change my actions. I only care and focus on if all my ducks are in a row TODAY, so I don’t bother.

Q3 What are the steps to improving your Quality Score?

Basically, to improve quality score you need to improve the searchers experience on http://Google.com. One easy way to do this is to make sure that when a user searches for something, then your ad is relevant to answer their search, so they click your ad.

One fun quick trick is to search your keyword on Google and see what the headline is on the top organic results. If Google trusts this headline to lead the Organic result, then just use a similar headline in your ad.

Another easy win for quality score is to make sure your website is optimized for mobile. Both for usability and for speed. If a user clicks your ad but the website doesn’t load, correctly or at all, then it makes Google look bad for “showing results for broken sites”

Q4 What are some common misconceptions about Quality Score?

That every keyword needs a perfect 10 Quality Score and that we need to “chase” this metric. It’s more accurate for an advertiser to focus on making sure they deliver the best user experience for the traffic they want to bring to their site at the right costs

Someone clicking on your ad is a great indicator for Google, that your ad is relevant. But an ad also needs to qualify the searchers, to only bring visitors, who have potential value, to your website.

Example: if you offer B2B translations and someone searches for “English to Spanish translator”, your ad needs to qualify them with something like “B2B English to Spanish Translator, Starting at $1,999” –deter irrelevant searchers and seem acceptable to the right ones

I’ve seen both. Diving deeper: Google likes QS because searchers clicking on your ad (CTR), is a big factor and indicator or relevance and QS. People clicking on a Paid Ad and not Organic, “coincidentally” also makes sure Google gets paid for that search

Q5 What are your favorite PPC tools?

@gtmetrix – great way to monitor website speed and also troubleshoot – quickly find opportunities to improve speed

Google Ads Keyword Planner – easy way to find new queries and ideas and get a rough estimate of what to expect – for traffic volume and cost per click (cpc)

@spyfu – to get rough idea about PPC budgets (current and history) and other competitor research

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