Use Keyword Intent to Boost PPC Performance with Navah Hopkins @navahf #VCBuzz

Use Keyword Intent to Boost PPC Performance with Navah Hopkins @navahf #VCBuzz

A good PPC strategy is a big part of content marketing puzzle. In many cases, to start building organic reach, you need to seed your content well, and it is often a good idea to seed your asset using paid ads.

But how to achieve positive results with PPC? It is not surely only about paying more, is it?

No, it is not. Here’s what you can do improve your PPC performance: Optimize for keyword intent

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About Navah Hopkins @navahf

Navah Hopkins @navahf has a passion for innovation, fueled by a hybrid of strategic partnerships, data analysis, and consumer engagement.

She’s a serial entrepreneur, SEO/SEM philosopher, blogger and content strategist, and a bounty hunter on the biz dev dance-floor.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I stumbled into #SEO back when it was mostly directories – then I decided to use my powers for good and do #PPC. The only reason I found this industry was because of the certifications and their path to freelancing.

Q2 What is keyword intent and why should we care?

Keyword intent is understanding the full potential of a given keyword and it’s probability it correlates to a profitable prospect. This is influenced by location, close variants, and audiences (great for prequalifying your marketing dollars)

Q3 How can keyword intent boost PPC performance?

Rather than bidding on syntax and holing onto control for dear life, you can free yourself to identify the reasons why a prospect will be valuable and craft creative, landing pages, and customer journeys designed to empower them to convert.

We’ve lived in a cross platform world for some time and harnessing the audiences behind a keyword is helpful to ensure your makreting dollars are going to the “right” people not just gaming #QualityScore

Curious how much the collective uses Google Trends to help you localize your keyword choices to harness the best intent by market. That’s my favorite way to solve for this question.

Q4 What are some other ways to improve your PPC performance, especially gearing towards content-based landing pages?

AUDIENCES!!!! Let your competitors pay for prospects to prequalify themselves as a good fit (in-market audiences) and use ad customizers that swap out copy based on which audience a given prospect belongs to.

Think about localizing the content of your landing pages (not just in different languages) – if you can honor the ways people speak and think, you’ll have an easier time securing their desire

Q5 What are your favorite PPC tools?

Love me some free Editor, Analytics, Excel, Google Data Studio, and Trends. While there is value in paying for some tools, most platforms have evolved to the point where you don’t really need to pay for extras.

But I do need to give a shout out to Keywords Everywhere, @semrush for competitive analysis, @WordStream because I can’t help myself (the Querystream is soooo good).

Actually, while we’re at it, let’s give shoutouts to @unbounce and Callrail.

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