How (& Why) to Build Collaborative Relationships with @GrowMap #vcbuzz

How (&Why) to Build Collaborative Relationships with @GrowMap #vcbuzz

The Internet has opened one huge opportunity for us: An ability to easily find partners and collaborators.

We all have different strengths. Collaboration enables us to share and combine our strengths and resources to become more successful.

How to build strong collaborative relationships? Let’s discuss!

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About @GrowMap

Gail Gardner is a small business marketing strategist, social media influencer and community manager of the BizSugar Mastermind Community

@GrowMap is no stranger to our chats! She comes to most of them and hosted two: on getting help for your business and building a marketing strategy for your small business.

Questions we discussed

Q1 Why should we seek collaboration? What can we achieve through collaboration?

Collaboration is a much faster way to get established, achieve your goals, and learn new skills. Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already figured out how to do it and is willing to share that knowledge with you?

You really can’t get much traction on social media or in the search results without collaboration (unless you’re already famous). Collaborators who support your efforts multiply your results!

An example of this for me is that early on, @thekristihines shared with me some of her processes. Having processes to get things done efficiently is the difference between success and failure!

Q2 Do you have a few examples of effective collaboration to share?

This is my favorite question because I hope our buzzers share their ideas with all of us. #vcbuzz Collaboration has long been the best way to multiply traffic to websites. Support each other by linking to relevant content and interacting on social media.

Ann @seosmarty Deb @SocialWebCafe @Ileane and many others collaborated early on using Twitter. We were recognized by Cornell University and Yahoo! Research as early influencers here because of it

We all need to understand how the algorithms work that choose to show what you’re doing to a larger audience. The best way to get that to happen is to collaboratively focus on supporting specific shares on social platforms.

When you want to increase your income, collaboration is the best driver. For example, @TheKristiHines referred some writing work to me and I sent clients to her based on our workload at the time and who was a better fit for a topic.

Writers tend to know each other, so if you want more work, collaborate with #writers in your niche. SEOs know each other. If you want a job, let your collaborators know the details to get tips on opportunities. This works for any specialty. Need more clients? ASK!

Roundups done really well are a great way to drive traffic to a website. The hope is that everyone who participates will promote the content and join in the discussion. We’ll be doing this in the BizSugar Mastermind Community very soon.

Q3 How to find people to collaborate with?

Twitter chats like #vcbuzz are a good way to meet people to collaborate with and so are social media, live events, and communities like our BizSugar Mastermind Community. We also have Skype groups where we collaborate.

Yes! We’ve done collaborative ebooks in the past. I had forgotten about that. Who knows YOU from activities anywhere is where your next big opportunity will originate! So even introverts like me can find a way to collaborate online.

Q4 Who is the best person to collaborate with? Should it necessarily be a social media influencer?

The best collaborators for you aren’t necessarily social media influencers. Collaborate with people in a position to send you referrals or teach you new skills or just to socialize. The people who help you the most are those who KNOW YOU BEST!

Q5 What are your favorite collaborative tools?

We use a lot of tools to collaborate. They include shared platforms like @Trello, project management systems like @Wrike and social media of course. We have groups on Skype. And the Mastermind Community runs on @ZohoConnect.

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