How to Use New Google Search Console Reports with Jeannie Hill @essentialskill #vcbuzz

How to Use New Google Search Console Reports with Jeannie Hill @essentialskill #vcbuzz

Website owners may often get angry with Google for forcing their agenda on how they should be creating and publishing content but one thing is undeniable: Google provides by far the most useful free tools in the industry.

And they keep working on improving those tools too!

One such useful tool that is constantly being updated and upgraded is Google Search Console.

So let’s discuss how to make the most of it!

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About Jeannie Hill @essentialskill

Jeannie Hill @essentialskill is no stranger to #vcbuzz Twitter chats. She hosted one just a few months ago on schema essentials.

Jeannie Hill @essentialskill is an experienced organic and AdWords Optimization and Campaign Manager, marketing communications project manager, Accelerated Mobile Page Implementation, SEO copywriter, and mobile website manager.

Questions we discussed

Q1 What does the Google Search Console do and which new reports does it include?

Great answer by @MusingPraveen on why we should use the Google Search Console for optimization.

With Google being the source of most site’s organic traffic, its Search Console reports to critical to know how to improve in Google Search.

The new Google Crawl Stats report is tucked away – it took me a bit at first to locate it under settings. It is a great help with crawling issues.

Check out the Google Search Console Excluded tab under the Coverage report to identify and resolve many Technical SEO issues.

Q2 What is your favorite Google Search Console report and how to make the most of it?

My favorite new #GoogleSearchConsole Tools:

? Signed Exchange Accepted by Google AMP
?The Core Web vitals 3 major components: first input delay, largest contentful paint, and cumulative layout shift.
?The Crawl Stats report

You are right @gofishchris – I find the “Excluded” report in the Index Coverage section so valuable that I wrote about it here in 2017.

Q3 What are the most actionable reports? How to use the data to improve your site performance?

The most actionable Google Search Console reports: How to use the data to improve site performance?

  • Coverage Report
  • Discover – Understand Clicks, Impressions & Avg CRT in news
  • Enhancements – Includes how schema markup is performing

Q4 Is there a long-term value in adding a sitemap to Google Search Console? Do you recommend doing that and why?

Yes. Submitting sitemaps:

  • Lets you specifying URLs you want included
  • Submit an image and pdf sitemap to search engines for your owned media assets.
  • Helps you push an updated page
  • Assists when the URL inspection tool is nonfunctional.

Q5 To end with something actionable: What would you suggest our users do to incorporate Google Search Console reports for Data Studio?

To incorporte GSC date with Data Studo try @serpstat or @supermetrics.

  • Distinguishing between branded & non-branded search queries
  • Learn effectiveness of actions taken to target new non-branded terms.
  • Discover CTR insights on traffic & visitor actions

I have read this article by @simoncox and do echo others recommendation to read it. It is easy to discover 301s, 404s and server issues after a migration. (Best to do so before, however.)

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