How to Get PR Using Twitter with Carrie Eddins @blondepreneur #vcbuzz

How to Get PR Using Twitter with Carrie Eddins @blondepreneur #vcbuzz

If there’s one field that has changed beyond recognition due to the Internet and social media, it’s PR.

The world wide web has opened up so many outreach opportunities, it seems like your creativity and imagination are your only limits.

Let’s chat about the most PR-friendly PR social media platform – Twitter – and how to utilize it to its full potential.

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About Carrie Eddins @blondepreneur

Carrie Eddins @blondepreneur is chief connection officer humanising #PR & #Content!

Carrie adores celery juice, fruit, animals, trees, and chat! She is the host of #Blondeabout fortnightly tweet up.

Check out Carrie’s site -> The Blondepreneur

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story! And how on Earth did you come up with that domain name?

I just was an early adopter first of Twitter really, and I just found it fun and it went from there, quite random really to be honest!

And then after Uni- I have a degree in Peace Studies, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do this was in the late 90s, so pre-social media, I fell into life coaching and then onto Twitter!!

I came up with the blondepreneur at a early am meeting, those 30 seconds I had been tweeting all night & flippantly said: ‘I’m blonde & entrepreneurial, no question too blonde as I’m the blondepreneur, and that was it.

Q2 Why Twitter? What makes it the most PR-friendly social media network?

Twitter is where 90% of the media hang out, so it’s if you want to get media coverage you need to be on here to grow your impact, authority and reach!

Also, news stories literally break first on here… in seconds.. before anywhere else!! in every area politics, arts, sports ,business etc.

Q3 How to use Twitter for PR outreach?

Lots of ways really you can use the search bar to find key journalists, and see who they work for, often it is more than just one place.

You can use Twitter by using hashtags to find who is commenting literally up to the second about something you want to get noticed for.

Also, you see through the hashtags which journalists who are talking about something and then pitch them a follow up too.

You can see news outlets and journalist who are not talking about something, then then use that as data to pitch them too.

There are so many ways really to use Twitter as outreach to be honest!! So many 🙂

For me whether you hire an agency or someone like me or not, Twitter is a gold mine for up to the second information for you to use for your PR campaigns it’s a no brainer.

Q4 How to use Twitter to identify PR opportunities and build useful business relationships?

This can be answered on many levels really. short answer it depends on what your goals are both short-term and long term.

You need to be clear on what media your target consumes first and then find and follow them on Twitter.

Then you need to daily I would honestly track the trends on the right hand side where the news stories break and see how you can comment on these.

As you start to do this, comment on breaking newstories and tagging key targeted media they will start to notice you and in time actually come to you! This is newsjacking on Twitter.

Some people might prefer to just find and follow journalists and keep nurturing the relationships as sooner rather than later they will be asking for help directly on their Twitter feed and not using any hashtags!!

In terms of building business, it’ s all about like know and trust, so show up as a human using what I call ‘soft Pr, which is about empathy, kindness, laughter too.. instead of trying to get something from them helps!

And finally I say.. decide times when you are free to go onto Twitter and be fully present, nurture those relationships, without an outcome in mind and magic will start to happen, you will start to get noticed.

And finally, the best way to find media opportunities and build useful relationships is to fully be yourself, and the perfect people for you, will find you, and want to get to know you!

Q5 What are your favorite Twitter networking and community building tools?

I find tools tricky sometimes but I trialled @agorapulse last year and found it really helpful! We are all different, so it depends on the individual needs and learning styles for me.

Yeah for sure they are the best! Totally forgot about that one… blonde moment..

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