Twitter Management Chat with @KirksFletcher of @swftsocial #VCBuzz

Twitter Management Chat with @KirksFletcher of @swftsocial #VCBuzzTwitter is one of the most difficult platforms to manage because it’s real-time and you need to actually be there all the time. So we keep bringing new and new tools to your attention in an effort to make your Twitter networking more effective!

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About @KirksFletcher

.@KirksFletcher is co-founder of @swftsocial (formerly known as TweetRocket), Twitter management platform.

Kirk has been building the tool for three years and he has a ton of experience in Twitter marketing now.

Questions we are discussing now

Q1 What inspired the creation of @swftsocial? How long have you been building the platform and the team behind it?

We started @swftsocial after we grew frustrated in our efforts as a social media management company. We wanted better results for our social media clients without spending insane amounts of hours running our campaigns.

Our history is firmly rooted in the social media marketing sphere as we previously were a digital marketing agency. Swift Social has been a two year journey from successful crowd funding on indigogo to where we are now.

It’s been an exciting adventure.

Q2 What distinguishes @swftsocial? What are its unique features?

I guess what sets us apart is that we offer a full suite of services for twitter management. Growth, Publish and convert!

Frames is probably our main outstanding feature, enabling users to promote their content through their curated tweets.

Sure! using our integration with feedly our users can create a pool of relevant articles that can be sent to followers.

Doesn’t purely focus on your following, it offers a host more features that can help manage your account.

Amazing Phil! We have a nice little free trial too so do check it out!

Q3 What’s your Twitter management routine? How would you improve it?

A lot of it tends to revolve around Swift Social itself. It tends to save me so much time in the week when I’m too busy.

I’m able to populate my account with my favourite content which otherwise I would be doing manually.

Other than that I tend to analyse my following a fair bit and chat with users, luckily management is pretty much taken care of.

In terms of checklists for productivity? I tend to use ClearApp (for personal use), Asana or Trello for work.

Q4 How can one measure Twitter influence?

Using Twitter Analytics or tools like SimplyMeasured are good for checking engagement which is an indication of influence.

@swftsocial has its own scoring system, with many factors taken into account, called Swift Score. It’s very informative.

Sure, there are actually over 50 different elements that we check but some of the main ones include

  • engagement levels
  • account age to tweet ratio
  • profile completeness
  • diversity of links
  • general influence
  • along with tons of other metrics

Q5 What are your 5 Twitter networking productivity tips?

  1. Always join in interesting/trending discussion whenever you can add value to the discussion
  2. Follow influencers in your niche and retweet interesting and engaging content
  3. Grow a strong grassroots network of people that you know in real life. Keep them engaged by making Twitter useful for them and they will give it back
  4. Before networking event, find out the relevant hashtag and arrange meetups before the event has begun to give you a head start
  5. Use DM effectively to maintain deeper conversations to strengthen network relationships

In my experience it’s best “leveling up” to DMs once you have had a few public conversations (with positive outcome).

This is very true, a good mix of DM and public conversation is the best approach.

Yes I am quite a big user of LinkedIn, We are actually integrating SS with G+, FB and LI in the coming months. So my use of other social platform will increase a whole lot more ?

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