How to Use Twitter to Build Relationships with Sarah Clay @CurlyClay #vcbuzz

How to Use Twitter to Build Relationships with Sarah Clay @CurlyClay #vcbuzz

While Twitter is one of the fastest social media networks out there, it is still a great relationship building tool.

In fact, due to its openness, Titter might be the best to meet people.

The key here is to know what to do!

Let’s discuss!

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About Sarah Clay @CurlyClay

Using years of experience in Law, Film production and marketing Sarah Clay @CurlyClay helps businesses make the most of social media networking opportunities.

Sarah has just launched her first online course ‘Learn To Love LinkedIn‘. Check it out!

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

After running the marketing dept and social media for an estate agent and the PR and social media dept for a film co. I realised social media was for me! I spent a year training and launched Sarah Clay Social the next day! I had my first client 2 weeks later!

It was after years of working in house in marketing and PR for me! I had a light bulb moment when I realised social media was the future!

I don’t think you were alone! Some people are still resisting it! I think it’s largely due to lack of understanding.

Q2 How to find people to follow and how to get followed back?

The best way to find people is to join conversations and twitter chats!

Using hashtags is a great way of finding relevant folk on twitter!

Give people a reason to follow you! Add value in some way. You can share your knowledge or entertain folk – then they’ll want to follow you!

Q3 How to get people to find you on Twitter?

To get folk to find you on twitter you need to be consistently ON twitter! The more you engage with others, the more visible you will be.

Having a profile photo which clearly identifies you is really important too. It helps folk trust you as they feel they know you better if they know what you look like.

Solid branding is helpful too in order to make you more recognisable. Make sure you are consistent in your branding as well as in your attendance!

I love that there are so many places that we can all meet up even though we live the other side of the world from each other!

Q4 How to use Twitter to build real connections, not just contacts?

DM’s are a great way to progress relationships first made on twitter.

What I love about twitter is that it’s so easy to engage with folk wherever you are!

Q5 What are your favorite Twitter marketing tools?

I have two tools I mainly use – @tweetdeck is great for twitter chats and for being able to see what’s what. My fave tool is @agorapulse which is fantastic for scheduling and ‘listening’ as well!

When my family watch me on tweetdeck their eyes start to boggle as the columns move so fast!

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