ChatGPT & Other AI Tools for SEO with @pierrefar #vcbuzz

ChatGPT and Other AI Tools for SEO with @pierrefar #vcbuzz

AI-driven tools are changing SEO as we speak. How can we utilize ChatGPT and other AI tools for SEO to stay on top of this disruption.

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About @pierrefar

Pierre Far @pierrefar is founder of Deliberate Digital.

Pierre is digital product management and SEO consultant. He is a speaker, startup advisor, and award judge.


All the answers that start with ? were AI generated for the sake of social experiment.

All the answers that start with ?‍? are responses that were actually written by Pierre Far!

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

? I became a digital marketer because I love using the internet to reach people. I started as an intern at a marketing agency, then worked at a company, and now I run my own agency. I love the challenge of coming up with creative and effective marketing campaigns.

Source: Bard

?‍? I grew into it. Back in the late 90s, the internet had become a real thing. I started building my own website, and then wrote a hit counter (remember those?) to confirm that I was getting no visitors (which got confirmed)

?‍? That became log analysis, which grew into bot detection and web analytics. I got interested in websearch, quickly discovered @rustybrick’s @seroundtable , and down the slippery slope of digital marketing I went

?‍? Eventually I ended up at Google in search engineering, and now I’m a management consultant focusing on digital products for clients worldwide. Websites are products in their own right, and I treat them as such, and judicious use of AI can make them better.

Q2 Is ChatGPT a threat to an SEO profession? How can we survive? 🙂

? No, ChatGPT is not a threat to the SEO profession. While it can assist with tasks such as keyword research and content optimization, it cannot replace the expertise, creativity, and strategic thinking that an experienced SEO professional brings to the table.

? To survive and thrive in the SEO industry, professionals should focus on developing their skills, staying up-to-date with industry changes, and delivering exceptional results for their clients.

Source: ChatGPT

?‍? As things stand right now, all generative AI tools are useful when seen as a assistants. Writing/summarizing text, extracting facts, creating images, etc as a step in content creation that heavily involves humans.

?‍? I highly recommend *against* publishing AI content without human editing, primarily for quality assurance, and also for copyright (an area of law and policy is still catching up with AI content; see, for example, U.S. Copyright Office last month

Q3 What are the best ways to utilize ChatGPT for SEO?

? LLMs can be used for SEO in a number of ways, including:

  • Generating high-quality content
  • Identifying and researching keyword
  • Improving readability and structure
  • Creating engaging meta descriptions
  • Answering user questions
  • Improving user experience

By utilizing LLMs for SEO, you can improve your website’s ranking in search engines and attract more visitors.

Source: Bard.

?‍? I’ve used generative AI to audit content, create content plans, and generally scope out a topic area. I’ve also used it to brainstorm and create metadata of all types. Also, create tweets as we saw.

?‍? The trick is to use the right prompt to produce skeleton outlines that are actually useful for whatever the use case is. I have a growing library of prompts to try, and I wrote a tool to automate a lot of this work.

Another approach that sometimes works (really well sometimes!) is to ask the LLM to guess what the prompt was that generated some text. Some guesses are pure gold!

Q4 What can’t an LLM do for SEO?

? LLM (Master of Laws) is a postgraduate degree in law that focuses on advanced legal studies and research. While having an LLM can be beneficial for a career in law, it has no direct impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Source: ChatGPT

?‍? First, understand the limitations. They are statistical models of a language, most likely English, built from documents collected at some point in the past. The LLM creates a plausible extension to a prompt based on the statistics parameters in the model.

?‍? Facts are not checked in the reply, and LLM responses could even make up “facts”, a problem called hallucination. Mathematics answers can be wrong. Citations could be made up. In short: do not blindly trust LLMs: they’re confidently wrong a lot of the time.

?‍? Which means LLMs right now are useful sidekicks, to be used under strict human supervision. Current state of the art LLMs cannot do the job of professionals, *especially* when there is a serious risk of harm (medicine, law, finance, etc). Not yet, anyway.

Q5 What are other AI tools to use for SEO and beyond?

?‍? I’m experimenting with lots of cool AI tools and libraries. One fruitful approach is combining AI tools with other data sources to produce richer results, more detailed audits, or answer business questions better.

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