AI (ChatGPT) and the Future Content Marketing #vcbuzz

AI is taking digital and content marketing by storm these days.

With the launch of ChatGPT tool that can perform all kinds if tasks without needing too much explanation, including content creation and optimization, many SEOs and content marketers have been asking themselves one single question: Is my career threatened?

Well, the truth is, the technology is quite impressive but still pretty basic. I had a good laugh at this quote, which I cannot help agreeing with:

And yet, the AI technology is still impressive enough for us to still be asking those legit questions: Is digital marketing (as well as SEO and content marketing in particular) threatened by this fast-developing AI technology? Or how will the digital marketing world transform by AI technology in the near future?

Let’s discuss!

Q1 Ok, let’s get things straight: What is ChatGPT and why do we even care?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that can do all sorts of tasks, like content creation and optimization.

It is making so much noise in digital marketing community because marketers are finally able to see what AI can do in action.

Q2 What can ChatGPT do? (examples or helpful prompts)

SO MANY THINGS! It’s like asking a human to do staff – you never know what comes up but it is often impressive!

For example, you can ask it to write code, create content for a specific purpose/keyword, categorize keywords, etc.

Here it is helping me break an article into sections using subheadings (and providing HTML output just to be even more helpful)

And here it is predicting the future of SEO!

Q3 What can’t it do?

It cannot be human.

I feel like all those human actions and reactions that are unpredictable and emotional – all of those are integral part of buying journeys, and until AI becomes self-aware and can get emotional, it cannot really help

Q4 What is ChatGPT going to change in digital marketing?

As it currently is, it will definitely impact smaller jobs (outsourcing basic coding, creating little elements like meta descriptions, etc.).

Q5 Is it really a threat? Where is it going?


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