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VCB is Teaming Up with MyBlogGuest to Bring You The Grand Content Marketing Contest

Update: The winners are announced here! As someone who uses both platform on a daily basis, I can confidently say that MyBlogGuest and ViralContentBuzz are a potent content marketing pair. That’s why we decided to bring both platforms together foraaa

VCB in 2014: Speeding Along with a New Server, Tons of New Free Features and Even More Goodies for Pro Accounts

First things first: Many of you probably noticed that as Viral Content Buzz has grown over the past year, we have had some issues with the site getting slow, throwing random errors and exhibiting other annoying glitches. As a result,aaa

If You Want Your Content to Buzz, You’ve Got to Understand What It Takes to Go Viral

Thanks for that introduction Harold! As Harold stated, I’d like to talk a little bit about what type of quality we are looking for in terms of submissions to Viral Content Buzz, as well as EXACTLY what makes these typesaaa