Social Media for Charities with Sarah Clarke @sclarkeOville #vcbuzz

Social Media for Charities with Sarah Clarke @sclarkeOville #vcbuzz

Social media marketing can help boost any brand’s visibility.

But how to use it to promote a good cause?

How can each of us, professional marketers, utilize our skills to help spread awareness and generate traffic to a non-profit business page?

How can those looking to build career in social media gain experience and knowledge by helping a favorite charity spread their message on social media?

Let’s discuss!

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About Sarah Clarke @sclarkeOville

Sarah Clarke @sclarkeOville has been working in digital marketing since 2003. She is a mother, wife, entrepreneur, sister, and volunteer.

Sarah is passionate about social media, branding, and marketing.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

Originally I was an accountant LOL, but I was always drawn to entrepreneurship and marketing. When I had an opportunity in 2003 to switch to digital marketing I jumped on it.

I worked in many areas including mobile app installs, affiliate marketing, and then found a passion for social media marketing in 2008. In 2012 I founded @DufferinMedia a full service digital marketing agency, and have continued to learn and grow in all areas

Q2 Going through your content, you often talk about helping charities and volunteering… What are some social media strategies people can use to help a charity they support?

I am very passionate when it comes to nonprofits. I am actually currently at my local foodbank on a volunteer shift! If you would like to help a charity you support using social media here are some tips:

  • Like, share, & comment on their social media posts – help them spread awareness online
  • Do your own social media posts about the organization (don’t forget to tag them)
  • Leave a review for them on Facebook or Google

This is tricky, and I think it is important for nonprofits to sometimes budget like a business, and invest in marketing and advertising in order to fundraise more funds to service their clients. Even a small budget will go a long way.

Q3 Where to start? How to find a good cause to support?

To find a cause to support I suggest you think about what causes in the World you feel most passionate about. Poverty? Environment? Mental Health? Then research nonprofits and charities that service this area. Or perhaps a local cause in your community.

I serve the Orangeville Food Bank because when I was younger my family required their services and it was always a dream of mine to give back.

Q4 How to find social media marketing volunteering opportunities to help charities and gain some experience?

Many charity organizations are looking for volunteers in digital marketing and social media. There are some Facebook groups that focus on this, as well as job boards just as “Indeed. Also check your local nonprofit directories.

Q5 What are your favorite social media marketing tools?

My favourite social media tools for nonprofits include: @canva for content creation @hootsuite for content scheduling @Google Alerts for social listening @TailwindApp for Pinterest.

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