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Flipboard Marketing with Janette Speyer @websuccessWe love adding new traffic tools to our marketing toolbox and today’s find is Flipboard.

We have Flipboard ambassador teaching us how to use the platform to drive traffic.

Please welcome Janette Speyer @JanetteSpeyer!

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About Janette

Janette Speyer cofounder of WebSuccessTeam and Hot Ice Media.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How long ago did you start using Flipboard. What made you stick around and turned you into a brand ambassador?

I started using @Flipboard in 2013, I was introduced to the app on #Mobilechat. From the moment I downloaded it, I could see that @Flipboard bridged the gap between traditional and digital marketing. Joined a user group called @flipboardclub to engage with other users.

Many of my clients need sales presentations, “brochures” & media. What got their attention was the social media component.

Flipboard ties in traditional marketing with digital marketing. Flipboard is an untapped resource, I see many opportunities for branding, blogging influencer marketing, publishing.

Q2 How to establish your Flipboard magazines to build audience and exposure?

Find a strategy for a Flipboard mag that resonates with your audience. Select topics that relate to your products and services, i.e., if you are promoting vegan foods you can follow topics around veganism, create relevant magazines & share on social media

Also, establish a Flipboard presence by featuring mags on your website, add to email signature & share on social.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use Flipboard.

I am starting to fold them in as part of our PR program. Not getting paid yet. I am building case histories.

Take a look at our website. There are all the accounts we have created “sales magazines for”. I have started taking Flipboard clients because many don’t have time to flip and branded content has to be original content. So we create repository site for branded content that “flip” nicely into a @Flipboard mag.

Q3 How to use Flipboard to build traffic to your site?

Create a specific magazine featuring items from your website, like a catalog, a seasonal gift guide, or even a blog. It’s much easier to “flip” through a mag than to look at a website!

Here is a sample of one of our client magazines that takes you to various pages of their website.

You can “Sell” items from your website using a Flipboard mag. This will increase traffic. Readers “click through” to buy if they like something they see in the @Flipboard magazine. So it is very powerful.

Showcase your work with a @Flipboard mag on your website. Here is an example.

@Flipboard is ideal for blogger platforms like @MyBlogU. You can add content, interact with the “compose tool”.

I have some suggestions at the end of this chat. ? I will also check it out and follow you. Same with everyone else here present that has a @Flipboard profile.

Here is an article on how to use the Compose Tool.

My pleasure. Thanks for making this the best app ever.

Q4 Please link to some examples of brands using Flipboard right?

Flipboard’s elegant style makes any brand look good. So many are jumping on the bandwagon. I have many great samples.

Here are a few good samples:

There are so many great samples. I will have to share more at the end of this chat.

Q5 What’s your Flipboard routine? Are there any associated tools you are using?

Before I create an account for a client, we discuss strategy and goals for the branded Flipboard mags. Beside using the app for personal reasons, I encourage my clients to use it for anything and everything under the sun. For example, right now we are working on for a news network that wants Flipboard to deliver the news as well as on other apps.

There is a team of 12+ people working on this, so right now we are using Flipboard to help us organize the information.

Another part of my routine is to find ways to use the app for good. You can have a @Flipboard mag for any charity organization.

As far as associated tools, I use @IFTTT, @Slack, Google Alerts and more to find content to flip. For blogs, @medium, @tumblr

Also, for image flipping the best apps are @500px, @imgur, @giphy for fun gifs. iPhoto for original content.  I take screenshots for IG and Snapchat.

SEO considerations the usual, the more content you add… the easier it is for search to see. Curate and curate.

Flipboard relies on sourced content, so if you have choice authority links, flip from there. I flip my blog from @biz2community because it ranks higher.

Also try to put your original content on blog platforms like @medium. High ranking authority.

Also, reflip content inside of @Flipboard from places like Huffington Post, Time magazine, anything Olympics. There is a whole community inside of @Flipboard that you have access to. You can use this to sell, engage, rank and more.  That’s the beauty of the “Compose” tool, you can start a conversation about something you published.

More SEO tips, follow “topics” that are very visible, like right now we have the elections & the Olympics. Find content around those.

For more information, ask @FlipMarketer, or follow the hashtags: #Flipblogger, #Flipmarketer, #FlipEdu.


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