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vcbuzz-Angie-Schottmuller-aschottmullerSocial media is not just an effective traffic-building channel. It’s also a great conversion boosting tool. Today we’ll chat about #CRO (conversion rate optimization) with @aschottmuller

Social media traffic can be much more effective if you use social media right: This is something we are going to discuss today!

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About Angie

Angie Schottmuller is a growth marketing advisor and speaker helping organizations exceed goals and better understand customers using data-driven technology and persuasive marketing psychology.

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Questions we discussed

Hi everyone! Psyched to chat social proof for content/persuasion/sales. It’s gonna be a wild 54 minutes!

Q1 How did you become a growth and ROI advisor? What’s your career path?

My Path: IT Dev/Design➡️ E-Biz ➡️ Marketing ➡️ Growth/ROI Strategist

Q2 You’re currently writing a book about social proof. Please define social proof.

Social proof = Evidence of/from others to guide behavior.  (Ex: reviews, customer counts, photos, badges, etc.)

SocialProof Psychology Principal: When faced with unknowns/concerns, people look to others’ behavior to guide their decisions.

Consumers TRUST social proof reviews 12X MORE than business copywriting. ~@eMarketer Report

Q3 How and when should marketers use social proof?

Social proof psychology only works to reduce anxiety/doubt. You can’t just slap on a review and think it’ll aid conversion.

For social proof psychology to be effective: 1. Identify the uncertainty/fear THEN 2. Buffer accordingly.

Use social proof to aid trust, answer questions, and hook emotion to confidently drive action. Be creative!

What are YOUR customers’ uncertainties/fears/questions? << These are conversion barriers.

Q4 What are key factors for effective/persuasive social proof?

Effective social proof factors: 1️⃣ Diverse formats 2️⃣ Persuasive quality. << Inventory as a #content matrix!

Social proof formats go WAY beyond reviews. BRAINSTORM: Words, #’s, and visuals that reduce uncertainty.

Q5 What are some social proof conversion tactics that can be applied to boost almost any online business?

Use customer-shared photos as landing page hero shots. Their persuasive potential is HUGE.

Q6 What are some common mistakes to avoid with social proof marketing?

#1 Mistake: Choosing quantity over quality. 1 amazing testimonial can trump 1000 plain reviews.

Social proof is definitely a HOT trend for 2016 — great for #SEO, #custserv, #content, and #CRO!

#2 Mistake: Displaying generic testimonials (“they were great”) w/ missing or weak signatures.

#3 Mistake: Featuring (or waiting for) perfect ratings. << Nobody’s buying that. Literally.

Social proof must REDUCE concerns and questions …NEVER create them.

Q7 What are some cool marketing tools to help with social proof?

Try for real-time social proof stats to boost confidence AND urgency.

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