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@TonyUphoff, CEO of @businessdotcomPersonalization is one of the most essential keys to online marketing success. Today we are talking to one of the most recognized marketing personalization experts: Please meet @TonyUphoff, CEO of @businessdotcom

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About Tony

Tony Uphoff, is CEO of

A uniquely accomplished operating executive with an unparalleled track record of building, growing and transforming media and marketing businesses, @TonyUphoff has been a leader in business innovation and transformation for the last 20 years.

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Questions we are discussing now

Q1 Please tell us a few words about your background? How did you become an Internet marketer?

I’ve spent my entire career in Business media, creating and producing business information and advertising products. Basically a media, marketing and tech geek!

Q2 What is personalization today? How to use personalization for nurturing leads into customers/Creating an ongoing relationship?

Personalization starts the process of turning a prospect into a lead & ultimately into a customer.

It can be as simple as a name, or as complex as using intention-based data, for a real time experience.

Monitor trendlines, to assure you are in synch with the interests of the audience. Today’s trend is moving towards real-time personalization, based on both real-time & retrospective data.

Q3 Segmentation vs personalized marketing: How are they similar / different?

They are similar because they both require data analysis & the use of a marketing platform to scale efforts. They both require a clear understanding of who your target audience is.

Your buyer persona’s & what they want to see from your brand is particularly important. They differ because Personalization is about the individual, while Segmentation is built around specific attributes.

Eloqua is a marketing automation platform. Enterprise level-if there is such a thing!

Q4 Do you have any good examples of who is doing marketing personalization right?

@Amazon, @AppleMusic, @Facebook & @Google are the true masters of Personalization

In addition to @Businessdotcom! ?

There are also examples from the consumer market that #B2B marketers can learn from like @Netflix & @Spotify.

Q5 Personalization takes time! In our world of dealing with dozens and hundreds of different people daily, how do you personalize productively?

Like anything else in marketing it takes time to master and requires a cost-benefit analysis. Setting clear and realistic expectations is a key step.

Just be sure to carefully track response/engagement – adjust accordingly and relentlessly iterate.

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