Innovative Content Optimization Tactics with Manick Bhan @madmanick of @linkgraphio #vcbuzz

Innovative Content Optimization Tactics with Manick Bhan @madmanick of @linkgraphio #vcbuzz

Content SEO has changed a lot over the past decade, yet many marketers have hard time letting the old optimization tactics go.

How should we optimize our content these days?

Which tactics are too outdated and may do more harm than good?

Let’s discuss!

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About Manick Bhan @madmanick

Manick Bhan @madmanick is co-founder of @linkgraphio, cutting-edge SEO software.

Manick is also contributor at @sejournal, @wordstream and @G2dotcom

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I’ve been doing #SEO for about a decade now. I first cut my teeth in the SEO arena when I was trying to grow my first tech company which was in the live entertainment and ticketing space. We were competing with companies that spent $6 million on Superbowl ads.

We had to be really savvy and careful– trying to get to page 1 of #Google. The SEO strategies we implemented had a real economic impact, so I quickly learned the basics of SEO, and also what worked vs. what didn’t.

I had so much fun working with our team and for me, it was a watershed moment in my career. It sparked this fascination with wanting to learn and understand how #Google‘s algorithm works.

Q2 How should we optimize our content these days? How can SEO content assistant tool help?

Google doesn’t just look for #keywords on web pages anymore. Their crawlers look for related terms, subtopics, answers to common questions, expert sourcing, and in-depth explorations of a given topic.

So, optimizing content is much more time and resource-intensive than it once was. If you want your content to rank, you have to improve all of those content quality signals on your web pages in order for #Google to promote it more often to searchers.

Our SEO Content Assistant simplifies the process by providing the “cheat codes.” By adding the tools suggested Focus Terms, questions, and links to your web content, you can elevate your ranking potential for relevant keywords and rank in organic search more often.

For those interested in trying the #SearchAtlas SEO content tools

Q3 Do keywords still matter? Where does keyword research fit into modern content optimization strategy?

Yes, keywords matter, but keyword research is a much more granular process. At @Linkgraphio, #Google ranks our web pages for hundreds to thousands of relevant keywords, because when we optimize, we don’t just aim for a single keyword target.

If a single web page on your site could rank for 10 keywords versus 1000 keywords, which would you prefer? It’s about working smarter and harder.

Q4 Which content optimization tactics are too outdated and may do more harm than good?

Keyword stuffing doesn’t work. ❌ SEOs can’t trick Google into thinking their content is relevant when it’s not. Instead, you have to do the work of creating relevant, in-depth, high-quality content.

The role of meta tags is also changing, as Google now rewrites page titles and meta descriptions when it sees fit, but it’s still important to include keywords in title tags and meta descriptions.

Exactly. This is why in the #SearchAtlas SEO Content Assistant, our tool provides ‘Focus Terms’ which are related keywords and phrases that you can optimize for. 

Q5 What is the future of on-page SEO? How will people optimize their content in the next decade

If you’re not using SEO software tools, you need to be. Tools like the #SearchAtlas SEO Content Assistant help content teams optimize more effectively and have a direct relationship with improved SEO performance.

Smaller or newer websites in particular (who haven’t built up their site authority via backlinks) can leverage #content optimization software to better compete with larger and incumbent brands.

Content quality is becoming more important in #Google’s ranking algorithm, meaning smaller sites that leverage content optimization can rank in top positions. ?

Plus, content optimization is way more affordable than other digital strategies, like #PPC.

We’re also going to see a lot of marketing teams leverage the power of #AI. AI-generated copy isn’t perfect, but it can speed up the processes of ideation, rough drafts, and meta tag generation. Content teams can scale the amount of content they produce more quickly.

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